Fake News and Misinformation


Fake News and Misinformation

For those who’ve waited patiently for this blog, here it is. The media would have you to believe that Trump supporters are abandoning ship – not even close. We don’t listen to the fake news reports and if you pay attention to any of the Trump “Peaceful Protests” happening until the election you will clearly see packed enthusiastic crowds excited to be there and many line up several hours before the event is scheduled to begin.

Contrast that with Biden rally’s which have primarily his camera crew, a couple of reporters and possibly his family member in attendance. Where are the Biden / Harris rallies? Why do we not see the “dream team” campaigning together? Are they simply social distancing for effect?

Next the fake news would have you to believe that 300 retired generals have signed on to support Biden, rather than Trump. Well let’s see how many of those generals have a political or financial vested interest in America staying engaged in endless wars? It is my experience that generals are very political by the time they pin on that 1st star, and knowing who to cater to is essential for advancement. Generals are also the ones who after leaving active military service go into the private sector, civil service or employed as contractors. One thing to consider is a general is never really retired, but subject to recall to active duty at any time. As such they must consider the consequences of their actions or words when speaking disrespectfully about the president who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. What I’d call a fate worse than that possibility is the fact that seeing what is happening politically with Biden being manipulated by his DNC minders they would tack their names on his political ticket is at best poor judgement.

Another fake news item is that Trump will not accept the results of the election if he loses. That is simply not the case. If you watched the Press Secretary today speaking for the President, she voiced his stated concerns about a national mail-in ballot for all as being ripe for fraud. She went on to emphasis what the President said about the difference between absentee ballots (voters ask for) and mail-in ballots (not requested, but mailed out to everyone). What has been said was by Congressional Democrats that they would not accept the results of the election if Trump won. Hillary Clinton even said Biden should not concede to Trump under any circumstance. The domestic terrorist BLM has said that if Trump wins they will ramp up the violence.

There seems to be mass confusion over the nomination of a replacement for RBG. Congressional Democrats say the last wish of RBG was not to be replaced until a new president is inaugurated. Congressional Democrats have threatened to “pack the SCOTUS” with additional justices if Trump and Senate Republicans move forward with nominating a replacement for RBG. The domestic terrorist BLM has said that if Trump seats a new justice to replace RBG they will ramp up the violence to new levels.

So let me be perfectly clear that According to Article 2 of the Constitution the only one who can nominate justices to SCOTUS is the President. Not a former president. Not Congress. Not domestic terrorists. Not even voters. It is the President who nominates. The Senate has the authority to Advise and Consent on the nomination. Failing to consent, the nomination fails and it is then up to the President to nominate a different justice. There is no provision for “last wishes” of the deceased justice concerning her replacement. Not even if a justice retires or resigns they do not have any influence on naming their replacement. There is no provision for Congressional House members to input on the nomination of a justice to the SCOTUS either. Threatening to “pack the court” by Congress is unconstitutional and is a form of blackmail that I’m sure is illegal.

Let me address public displays of disrespect toward President Trump. We have witnessed members of Congress and family members publicly snub the President and “forbid” him from attending the funeral/memorial services of deceased members of Congress. The media have made a point of highlighting the fact that the President was not “allowed” to attend these services, or speak out concerning the deceased. What happened during today’s visit by President Trump to pay respects to RBG was inappropriate and totally uncalled for, although not totally unexpected. Not only is it protocol to pay respects to a deceased member of the SCOTUS, it is an honor to do so. Not too long ago when Justice Scalia passed away there was no Presidential tribute or respects paid by President Obama, nor was there any media hype about him or VP Biden not being present.

Do you want to know why we have a high level of disrespect toward President Trump by members of Congress, the media and the aforementioned domestic terrorists? I used to think it was because our schools are not teaching respect, but I suspect it is because parents are not teaching respect and our children have never learned to respect themselves or others. This is also true about respecting authority and the consequences of being disrespectful and vulgar toward those who are elder or in positions of authority. Our disrespectful children of yesterday are the ADULTS of today, passing on the fact they have failed themselves and want to insure everyone they come in contact with does the same. America is going to have a wakeup call that will in fact be a serious attitude adjustment for everyone.

It is to your benefit to stop watching the fake news in the papers, magazines or on television, radio or internet. Turn it off. Get away. Go for a long walk, ride or drive to clear your mind. It will do your body good. We are roughly 40 days away from the 2020 election and you should dig into doing your own research and vote based on what’s important to you. If you don’t stand on your principles you will fall for anything. Weigh the results of elected officials. What have they delivered on during their time in politics? You may have to research back 30 or 40 years, but results matter. Have they kept their promises? Have they promised the moon, yet haven’t even gotten off the ground?

The bible tells us that if it is within our power to do so to live at peace with everyone. We are to honor our mother and father that our days may be many. We are not to covet other people or what they possess. We are to love the Lord our God with our mind, body, spirit and soul. We are to love everyone as we love ourselves.

The basic reason there is so much hate in the world today, we hate who we are and are led to believe that God made a mistake when he created us. That is a fallacy that can keep us from having a relationship with the God of the Universe.

God did not make a mistake when he made you. He made you unique, one of a kind (even twins are unique yet different). God loves you just as you are. He has never said, change then come to me. What God has said is “come unto me all who are heavy laden”. God Loves You!

I may not have all the answers (or any for that matter), but it is up to each of us to use the gray matter between our ears. Read, Ask, Listen and Vote not according to party lines, but by what’s really important. Do you want higher taxes, higher wages for less jobs, or free stuff to feel good?

Some of you will be the one who is led to water but can’t be made to drink from it. Others will simply want to argue to make a point. Remember don’t argue with an idiot. He has more experience. Others will be unable to tell just who the idiot is. (Will Rogers?) – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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