Apples to Apples Trump – Biden


Apples to Apples Trump – Biden

Remember when Barack Obama ran against John McCain in 2008? Well according to the media it was Senator Barack Obama against Governor Sarah Palin and the media began attacking her family while saying that the Obama family was off limits, remember? That was apples to oranges but the media was oblivious.

So keeping this comparison strictly “apples to apples” with 37 days before the 2020 election let us look at Trump and Biden man to man. This should be relatively short and to the point as both campaigns throw political arrows at each other in hopes of corralling the most votes and at least 270 coveted Electoral College votes out of 538 electors. Democratic Presidential Nominee, 47th Vice President Joe Biden from Delaware is challenging the incumbent Republican 45th President Donald Trump now from Florida in the 2020 election taking place on November 3, 2020. The fate and future of the United States of America hangs in the balance.


Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York

45th President 2017 – Present

1964 Graduated from New York Military Academy in New York, played baseball

1964 – 1966 Fordham University

1966 – 1968 Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

1968 Graduated with a B.S. in Economics

1964 – 1968 Received four student S-2 draft deferments

1968 Medically deferred and classified 1-Y (July 1968)

1968 Began working at Trump Management in New York City

1971 – 2015 President of the Trump Organization

1972 Medically reclassified 4-F (October 1968 – Bone spurs)

Entered politics

2017 – Present, 45th President of the United States

2017 – Chose Governor Mike Pence as the 48th Vice President

Important Presidential Actions

Ban Foreign Terrorist entry into the US

Building the Border Wall

Condemned Violence of Domestic Terrorists groups Antifa, BLM and others

Created Task Force to lead efforts to combat the Novel Coronavirus

Created the United States Space Force

Defeated ISIS

Enabled US to become the world leader in petroleum production

Established United States Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement USMCA

Implemented Defense Production Act to produce and supply personal protective equipment and ventilators for US and worldwide distribution

Improve Border Security and Immigration Enforcement

Lowered prescription medication costs to users in US

Lowered taxes (individual and corporate)

Nominated 3 associate justices on the Supreme Court of the United States

Nominated for 2 Nobel Peace Prizes (Peace in the Middle East)

Permanent Funding Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Protected American monuments, memorials and statues from criminal violence

Rebuild the US Armed Forces

Relocated US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Removed mandated user fees from Affordable Care Act

Removed Iranian Terrorist

Restarted the XL Pipeline

Restored the Mexico City Policy (no funding for abortion)

Restricted entry from certain countries to stop the spread of the China Virus into the US

Returned manufacturing jobs back into the United States

Reviving US efforts for joint government/private enterprise on space travel

Seated 2 Supreme Court Justices

Seated 300+ Judges at various levels in DOJ

Security and Immigration Reform

Signed the First Step Act into Law

Withdraw US from TPP Negotiations and Agreement


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was born November 20, 1942 in Scranton, Pennsylvania

47th Vice President 2009 – 2017

1961 Graduated from Archmere Academy in Claymont, Delaware

1962 – 1965 University of Delaware in Newark, Double Major – History and Political Science, Minor in English, Played college football and baseball

1965 Graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree

1966 – 1968 Law Degree Syracuse University

1963 – 1968 Received five student S-2 draft deferments

1968 Medically deferred and classified 1-Y (April 5, 1968 – Asthma as a teen)

1968 Clerked for Republican William Prickett

1969 Admitted to the Delaware Bar – public defender, then Biden and Walsh Corporate Law

Began career in politics

1970 – 1972 New Castle County Council

1973 – 2009 Senator D-DE

1988 Ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination

2008 Ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination

2016 Chose not to run for president (Hillary Clinton received democratic nomination)

2017 Received the Medal of Freedom with distinction from President Obama

2020 Chose Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate in the presidential election

Biden’s promises to America

Congratulated BLM rioters by proxy through Senator Kamala Harris

Raise taxes (pay fair share)

Stop petroleum (fossil fuels) production

Supports AOCs Green New Deal

There have been quite a number of manufactured crisis and allegations of misconduct launched against President Trump that have resulted in his impeachment in December 2019 and his acquittal in the Senate trial phase in early 2020 with an accusation of President Trump belittling military and veterans that did not happen. The media, entertainment industry officials and people are quick to label Trump as a bully because of his tactics growing up, while ignoring his generosity to those in need of assistance.

Based on Biden’s recent comments toward Democratic voters calling them liars and dog faced pony soldiers to name a few choice comments it is Biden who seems to be the real bully from the video of Biden threatening the holding of US funding to Ukraine unless a certain prosecutor was fired (investigating a company employing Hunter Biden) or the recently released video of Biden speaking in front of a military audience as Obama’s Vice President where he insulted and badly disparaged the military have been routinely ignored by the media.

I challenge you to find one story about President Trump that is true and factually correct without hearsay or biased assumptions and I also challenge you to find one story about VP Biden that is true and factually correct without hearsay or biased assumptions. The real proof is in the pudding by examining their political track record of Trump’s 4 years vs Biden’s 47 years in politically elected office? But don’t take my word – do your own Google search. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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