This Should Be Passed and Enforced in all 50 States


This should be passed and enforced in all 50 states.

The right to PEACEFULLY assemble and protest is protected under the 1st Amendment, when peaceful turns into civil unrest, riots, looting and violence it is no longer peaceful but becomes Anarchy and chaos.

Anarchy MUST stop:

Violent assembly – 3rd degree felony

Blocking the road – Felony

Don’t touch monuments – 10 years in prison

Harassment of Citizens in public accommodations also penalized

R.I.C.O. will be applied to those enabling, organizing or funding riots

Arrested in a riot you are staying till you see a judge

Touch a cop – Six months mandatory minimum

Enhanced penalties for other crimes committed during the riots

To municipalities:

Defund the police the state / federal will defund any grants or aid coming to you

When local government officials are grossly negligent about a riot that cause injury or death to citizens and/or property Sovereign Immunity will be suspended for that government and citizens can sue for restitution, lost income and/or neglect resulting in death when applicable

Convicted of participating in riots:

Sentencing will include restitution and cleanup damaged property

To Citizens:

No longer able to get state benefits, unemployment or employment assistance and driving privileges will be permanently revoked or suspended without possibility of renewal

To Non-Citizens

Face deportation and ban from re-entry into US

To Education Professionals:

Private, public and secondary school teachers, adjuncts, professors and deans will lose employment, tenure, credentials and unemployment benefits

To Elected Officials:

Elected officials participating in riots will be removed from office and faced with imprisonment

Adapted from Florida Governor’s 2020 decree and from President Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies

(You’re welcome) – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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