And The List Grows On


And The List Grows On

Long before the internet with Facebook and Twitter I remember compiling a mental list of entertainers I would no longer be paying attention to, based on their attitude, politics, religious beliefs or speech. One of the early ones was Barbara Streisand. It’s been so long ago that not only does her opinion matter, and I’ve forgotten what it was? It’s a shame because she’s a good singer and actress but like others who followed in her footsteps suffer the same fate as they become casualties of themselves.

Somewhere over the years Whoopi Goldberg went on my list. I loved her character in the Sister Act and other movies but like entertainers who achieve fortune and fame they succumb to the swollen head syndrome. Her claim to fame is cemented on The View with Joy and the others who somehow feel the world revolves around them.

By now the list is quite long and exhaustive with really good actors, musicians and entertainers who are so full of themselves that they can no longer relate to life outside their own aurora. Names like Elton John, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen and the rap crap pack (who carry dishonor around like a badge).  

There are movie producers like little Robbie what is his name….Reiner, that starred with Carroll O’Connor back in the day? See how that goes – out of sight, out of mind. It’s good to have selective memory at times like these.

I guess sports figures are like that too. They get into professional sports and are all into themselves and how valuable and indispensable they are that they want more money, sponsors falling all over them and they have the bling-bling, wine, women and lots of em. They drive expensive cars, live in mansions and by the time they are just about grown up enough, it’s all gone. Some go into sports-casting as announcers and maybe judging officials, before ending up selling life insurance or the latest prescription medication designed to stop that rheumatoid arthritis.

High school friends can be like that too sometimes, they’re all around when growing up, but say 40 years later – where are they? What have they become? During my 20th year reunion most of my classmates were bald fat guys with their own business ventures. The gals had changed a lot too. I almost didn’t recognize them, but hey I didn’t remember their names back then either.

The thing that never changes is family. Well we don’t really change we just age gracefully and remember our nicknames for each other and the pranks we used to play (the ones that got us the “switch”). There are lots of new family members – cousins, aunts, uncles and some we’re sure aren’t related but then again, maybe they are the face of our “new normal” family. A few years ago I was shopping in an office supply place back home. The cashier saw my last name on my credit card and said “Hey that’s my last name too”. I questioned her about her family ties maybe to mine but never made the connection although I still feel our family tree had more branches than a bramble bush (google it).

Just remember you’re never too important to become obsolete or outdated. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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