On Trump’s Tax Records


On Trump’s Tax Records

So the infamous Trump tax returns have made it to the press and it’s the “gottcha” moment everyone’s been waiting for. So……? I don’t even like going over my own tax returns because over the years I’ve done my own taxes, got audited more times than I’d like to admit and paid my taxes plus fines and still survived. So I have no interest in the president’s taxes. What is of more interest to me would be to see how many of the Never-Trumpers in Congress have been the recipient of Trump donations to their campaign war chests? Who did he donate to and what did they do with the money? Who was Trump’s accountant? What accounting firm managed the Trump Organization’s books? Unlike many lawyers who handle their own affairs, Trump got his degree in accounting, but used other professional accountants to manage his taxes.

In his younger days Donald Trump was a Democrat. He socialized with the rich and famous and with politicians who couldn’t get enough of having their pictures with him appear in the high society pages. Don’t worry but Hillary Clinton started out as a Republican so she most likely wouldn’t have run in the same circles until maybe when Bill became president, but nobody’s talking about that.

During those earlier days Trump made a number of overpriced purchases in property and toys (boats, an airline, helicopter and expensive cars) that nearly did him in professionally. There were a number of failed property dealings that knocked him to his knees, yet never knocked him out. In 1980 Trump purchased a failed presidential summer retreat in Florida and turned it around financially. Today it is easily recognized for its intended purpose and Mar Largo is Trump’s Summer White House.

As you notice I’m not addressing the fake news “scoop” that has the media abuzz during the remaining campaign season. I’ve seen it all before, leaks so full of holes that even Flex-Seal can’t patch up. When will the media leak the tax returns of politicians like Pelosi, Feinstein and others who have reaped millions of dollars on a public servants salary without ever holding a real job?

Why overlook the $3.5M paid to Hunter Biden while father Joe was Obama’s VP and keep harping on Trump’s taxes sure beats me? Who paid him and why? What was the trade off? Why is it important now? This is the real Russian Collusion story and I wonder how many legislators have been enriched because of it?  

Now to put to rest more fake news about Trump supporters, Hillary called us Deplorables and Pelosi calls us Henchmen or worse. The media wants you to think that we are abandoning ship over recent developments with Trump’s taxes. Let me give you a bit of breaking news – WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE – EXCEPT TO THE POLLS IN 35 DAYS!

The record shows that President Donald J. Trump has done more FOR America in the past 4 years than VP Joe Biden has done TO America over 47 years. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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