My Take on the Debate


My Take on the Debate

I was never one of the smart kids who took high school debate class or headed off to law school, but it seems to me that a debate is when one person argues for a topic and another person argues against that same topic. Whether they agree or disagree with the side of the debate they are given has no bearing. This is good for law students to argue the merits of a particular rule of law and it may also be good for lawyers who argue in court to get their client out of serious charges that he may have obviously committed, or to get the charges reduced before even going to court.

Presidential debates are another matter entirely. The ground rules are set prior to the candidates stand on the same stage together. There is a moderator chosen to be fair and impartial who reads each question and give the candidates a set amount of time (2 minutes) to answer. The other candidate is given the same amount of time to answer the same question. This process is repeated until all questions have been asked and answered. The viewing public gets to see how well the candidates are on stage and without being previously given the questions or in any way aided in answering the questions.

What happened in 2016 exposed the fact that during a presidential debate candidate Hillary Clinton was given the questions prior to the debate by DNC Chair Donna Brazile and prepared herself to answer the questions, while candidate Donald Trump had not been given the questions before hand or assisted in answering the questions.

My question is did we see a modified repeat in the 2020 presidential debate?  It appears that during last night’s debate candidate Joe Biden was wearing a wire leading one to believe someone was feeding him answers to the debate questions? With Fox’s Chris Wallace “moderating” the debate it is quite easy for someone on the Fox team to enable hidden wire providing there was a willing participant on the other end of the wire? Low and behold Donna Brazile is employed by Fox, so if it can be proven she or someone else (Karl Rove) participated in this scheme would that not be considered a federal offense to interfere with the 2020 election?

Maybe it has not yet surfaced at the FBI or DOJ level yet, but hopefully there will be an investigation especially since Joe Biden’s team refused to allow him to be searched for a bug or hearing device prior to the debate.

From what I’m reading about the debate it also appeared that moderator Chris Wallace may have actively aided and enabled Joe Biden way too much leeway and giving him time to verbalize his answers? (Not my call or interpretation since I clearly didn’t watch the debate.) However I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to watch reruns of the debate on cable and the internet over the next 33 days or at least until the next scheduled debate – which I would recommend President Trump choose not to participate in anymore failed debates. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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