Where was Silent Joe Biden in 2020


Where was Silent Joe Biden in 2020?

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the 1st Presidential Debate of 2020 even before some revealing things began coming out about Biden wearing some sort of wire or electronic listening device and immediately many people began responding that fact checkers said it didn’t happen and was being spread by crackpot Trump supporters who were Trump’s base of white supremacists. Believe what you want, but fact checkers and people can lie, while undoctored photos showing obvious electronic wires cannot be simply explained away as religious trinkets.

I sat down last night and watched the first half of the debate and saw that the only part of the debate that went as scripted was the 1st question answered by both candidates. After that things sort of went off the rails and that’s really where Trump shines. Biden came up with lots of accusations and claims that were just that. I started thinking about 2020 in review and I wondered where was Biden when all this was going on.

During the early days of the China Virus what was Biden doing to calm the fears of Americans over the unknown aspects of the virus? Did he lend an encouraging, supporting voice? No in fact he called Trumps actions of shutting down direct flights from China Xenophobic and racist.

What about when it was discovered there were unusable or insufficient ventilators in federal warehouses since the Obama administration when he was vice president did Biden publically own it? At any time during 2020 has Biden come out in favor of the efforts of the Trump administration to combat the virus or offer any substantial assistance? I don’t think so. Yet he blamed Trump for the deaths because of who Trump is – unbelievable!

Remember at that time Trump was being impeached for accusations of Russian Collusion, while Hunter Biden was actually being paid the big bucks from Russia at a time when his dad was vice president under Obama.

Remember we were told 15 days of self-isolation to flatten the curve? Well that isolation has extended much longer than 15 days and what happened to the curve? We were told to protect the most vulnerable – young and the elderly.

As Trump began closing down travel from a host of foreign countries, activating private-government entities to produce personal protective equipment and distributing it to states for hospitals and medical facilities, and then to foreign countries in desperate need where was Biden? What was he doing to help Americans remain calm? Did he make any public service announcements in support of what the administration was doing to keep Americans safe? No – I don’t think so!

Simultaneously as the era of peaceful protests began where was the voice of reason by Biden or Obama for that matter? Were there public communication encouraging people to remain calm and wait for the police investigation? No – there were not!

As these protests turned into rioting, looting and widespread violence where was the voice of reason by Biden or Obama at that point? As Trump denounced the violence and called out terrorist groups for what they were and are still today – Domestic Terrorists, where was Biden?

As violators began being apprehended, arrested and processed who lead the effort for catch and release? The Biden-Harris ticket supported raising funds to have violators released without charges, putting them back on the streets doing it again.

During the debate Biden and moderator Wallace bereted Trump for people not wearing masks at the outdoor rallies, insinuating there was widespread virus’ being spread as a direct result. Trump countered that by saying people know what to do and need the latitude to do what they think is right. He even said there had been no virus’ spread from the rallies.

Biden blamed Trump for COVID deaths, but said nothing about the democratic governors who deliberately placed elderly COVID patients back into care facilities for the elderly, causing a huge number of deaths.  He gave lots of statistical figures on COVID, but didn’t use relational ones like total population – # tested, # infected, # recovered, # deaths, # deaths other than COVID. So why bring up statistics at all unless it was to feed fear to America?

Trump was asked to denounce white supremacists groups and one group in particular – The Proud Boys was called out.  Trump said he doesn’t know anything about them and they should leave things to law enforcement.

Trump has repeatedly called out domestic terrorists like Antifa and BLM. Biden said Antifa is not an organization, but an idea of different people protesting the government. Trump should have asked Biden how an unorganized group of ragtag terrorists manage to be transported, funded and supported during interstate transfer of people to riot in cities across the nation. But that would have taken him well over the 2 minute limit.

I haven’t finished watching the tape of the debate but I wonder how serious can career politicians be when watching the level of violence being committed against Americans and remaining silent, then expecting Americans to vote for Silent Joe Biden. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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