Agreeing to Disagree an American Value


Agreeing to Disagree an American Value

One of the things that differentiate Americans from the rest of the world is our American values. One of those values is the freedom to choose. We choose what kind of bread to eat or none at all. We choose who we associate with. We even choose what pets we have or none at all. We pick where we buy a house, what kind of car to drive or where to work?

In fact life is made up of choices and we don’t all make the same choices. When we were small we wanted to be a fireman, policeman or astronaut. By the time we’re grown we head to the office, sit at our cubicle and log into our work station and begin the sometimes tedious task of shuffling papers.

We see the lucky ones as those ranchers who straddle a horse, ride the range and dodge arrows (& yes there are still flaming arrows to dodge). The farmer grows crops that feed our appetite for food. The rancher grows beef, pork, sheep and goats that keep America going. The truck driver delivers to stores and businesses across our great land. In fact no matter what politicians want us to believe, everyone is essential and every business is essential or it wouldn’t have survived in the beginning. As Americans we agree on a host of issues and things that make us dependent upon each other.

One thing I learned growing up – family comes first. You can tolerate making new friends and losing some along the way but when it comes to family, nobody but nobody messes with mamma, poppa or my family!

When I went into the military they had to break me down to the point that I understood that others depended on me, but first I had to make myself dependable, someone they all could count on. As we came together as a unit we developed that competitive spirit where we worked together to achieve greatness and to succeed.

When it comes to politics it is no different. We are often influenced by the slow walking and smooth talking politician who tickles our ears. We buy into what he’s selling and that is our choice. Sometimes things are not always what they seem and we learn to listen more closely and pay attention to the details. Often what we learn is that nobody has all the answers, some may not even have any of the right answers but they talk a good talk. However with politicians it’s been said that you can tell when a politician is lying to you……his lips are moving.

A general rule of thumb for me about politics is this – am I better off now than I was before this guy went into politics? Is he promising things he obviously can’t deliver? What is his track record in politics? How long has he been in the political business? Is he a career politician, a homesteader?  Is he just a square peg trying to fit in a round hole?

Has he been in politics long enough to change things for the better? Is he the only one benefiting from his political service? A huge question is did he gain financially from his political service?

Something else to consider is who is speaking out for or against this politician? If people are coming down on him like a ton of bricks, is he still standing? Or did he quit and go slinking away into the night? I’ve watched politicians leave office and go back home where you never hear a word out of them ever again, until they decide to get back into politics.

I want someone in politics who has MY best interests at heart. Someone who thinks of how each decision will affect me personally, before they tell me how their decision will benefit themselves. I know that when he stands up and fights for me he earns my full support and I will fight for him.

Not everyone feels that way. Many people want what they want and that’s all they want…..want….want!

A politician who promises me the moon but can’t fix a pothole in the middle of the road isn’t worth voting for. Someone who promises to give me a truckload of free stuff, that isn’t coming out of HIS pocket, is not worth voting for either. When his political track record is longer than a New York minute and his accomplishments fit into a thimble, is not worth voting for.

Lastly don’t base your likes or dislikes on someone else’s opinion. Do your own research. Find out what is fact or fiction. Make up your own mind. Don’t vote based on political party or affiliation but on your personal values. Do you agree with what this person stands for? Are his values based on biblical principles (not an eye for an eye either). Bowing to peer pressure or intimidation does not have to happen when you know what you believe and have the courage to stand up for YOUR values. Ask a family member or friend to accompany you to the polling place. They may be asked to stand outside but they can help boost your confidence and insure you are not unduly influenced. Choosing not to vote is a choice, just not the right choice. Friends do not always agree on everything and sometimes not on anything. But friends agreeing to disagree can still be friends and encourage others to make up their own minds when it comes to politics. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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