What do you want me to say?


What do you want me to say?

I can’t, don’t and won’t attempt to speak for the president. However let me tell you what I think.

Everything about the president IS political because of people analyzing his ever facial expression, move, the words he speaks or the manner in which he tweets. That is what many have chosen to do and he knows that. He’s an entertainer, business man and to him publicity is publicity (good, bad or indifferent) and at this point in history he is the president.

I’ve written several times about the virus and our collective responses to it. Early on when we knew literally nothing about it except it came from China nobody had a clue what was going on or how to effectively treat it. Doctors determined that the best medicine at that time was a regiment of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc. Remember it was announced that Trump was being prescribed them and he came out publicly about it being used early to treat the symptoms. Do you remember what happened? WHO & the CDC came out against it and doctors who had been using it were blacklisted, banned from prescribing it and many lost their jobs, if not their licenses for continuing to promote it’s use. Even Facebook and Twitter blocked it, put people in cyberjail or removed their accounts and all traces of even mentioning this drug.

Trump went so far as to encourage rapid development and production of alternative drugs to fight the virus. Those trials are ongoing and a number of “experimental” ones are coming out. But still the WHO and CDC have not been receptive in allowing them as “acceptable” treatments.

So Trump got COVID-19 and the public began chanting “We hope he dies” instead of how did he get the virus?

When did he get infected?

Where was he “contact tracing” when he got infected?

Was this a biological attack on the White House? If so who is responsible? Have they been found and apprehended?

When Trump went to Walter Reed and they began chanting “we hope he dies”, defund Walter Reed because it’s been infected by Trump and a whole host of other nonsense. While he’s there he’s successfully given a cocktail of medicines that are being fast-tracked to tackle the virus. Now “he’s being given treatment not available to everyone,” your thoughts right?

To top it off Trump drives out to thank his supporters who rally outside Walter Reed and he has pizzas sent to them in appreciation and he’s called reckless and irresponsible “Showboating” or “Grandstanding”. We see him as showing appreciation and acknowledgement of our support.

Then Trump gets released from Walter Reed and returns to the White House, HE TAKES OFF HIS MASK and waves to people and it is “he doesn’t care about anyone but himself”.

Trump is declared negative from the virus, in fact his doctor says he can’t get the virus again and he can’t give it to anyone.  So Trump makes a big deal out of being immune to the virus not to be bragging but to encourage everyone that testing positive is NOT a death sentence. Trump encourages in a way only he does, yet fault finders call it bragging.

If in fact Trump discovered a cure for the virus would they not say he robbed other hardworking people of their livelihood by putting them out of work?

Trump isn’t downplaying the virus but the WHO has been effective in routing the entire world into a panic by over-responding to the virus. The flu is more deadly than the virus! The fact is that 99% of those who test positive SURVIVE, but nobody’s talking about that.

If you want to get real wearing masks does not protect you (packaging on masks state they do not protect you from viruses). Masks have been shown to have harmful effects on people who wear them improperly or long-term. Science does not support wearing masks.

Social distancing is another harmful practice. People are created to interact with each other face-to-face. Sending a loved one to the hospital ALONE is sometimes worse than being surrounded by family and friends.

 Using common sense to require people to wear masks, gowns and gloves before entering a hospital room would be better.

Using common sense when shopping, walking down main street or playing in a park, on a beach or walking in the mountains or driving in a car are better than simply wearing a mask or face covering (my opinion).

Trump said early on that we needed to shut down the country for 15 days to DELAY the spread of the virus. He said the cure cannot be worse than the sickness, yet here we are over 200 days still haggling over opening up or not? One state did not shut down, mandate masks or social distancing and even held a Trump rally and a Sturgis gathering of bikers without any spike in infections. Forty-nine states did shut down and now Republican governors are beginning to open up their states while Democratic governors continue to impose mandates to wear masks, no gatherings for worship without restrictions, yet no problem and no restrictions on property damage, rioting, looting and murder. They simply want to defund the police and everything’s hunky dory.

Now the WHO has come out saying masks are harmful. Where did that come from and who is listening? We’ve collectively been fed a line of crap about this virus from the start. China is even represented at WHO and influences decisions about this virus. It is my opinion and my belief that the Wuhan Flu (this virus) is a biological attack on economies of the world. If it could be easily transmitted people to people why has the entire world not gone into MOPP4? Why are we not wearing entire protective garments? Why are our homes not sealed off from outside germ penetration?

There are a lot of unanswered questions about how this virus works. Emergency room doctors who treat COVID patients have said it this way – Zinc opens the doorway so that HCQ can work inside the bloodstream. They say that in cases they treat early detection and rapid treatment HCQ & Zinc have had 100% survival. So why have they been banned from using it or saying anything about it?

There are several countries in Europe that were held up as shining examples for us to emulate. Those examples have since crumbled.

The US has developed an exceptional COVID testing protocol with massive amounts of people tested with positive and negative results. The number of tested and survived should be encouraging, yet we dwell on the deaths which initially were all being accounted to COVID in some way, shape or form.

As I said the flu is more deadly yet we don’t shut down because of it. There are vaccines available and I get my shot every year. This year was a senior flu shot and I got that one already. Soon there will be a COVID vaccine and I’m sure when it’s available I will get it as well.

The worst thing we can do as individuals is harp or dwell on the negatives of “WHAT IF” in life.

We are all going to die, so fearing death robs you of living life.

Trump did not create the virus (China did). Trump acted early on with the information he received about the virus and has been blamed for not doing enough by the very members of Congress who DID NOTHING except resist Trump. Every step of the way it was this businessman side of him, not the politician who took decisive steps to combat this virus.

Politicians simply haggled amongst themselves over who had the most dirt on Trump and blamed him for their failure. The media carried the failed message to confuse the American people. So also in my opinion blaming Trump is futile and stupid.

We are a nation of overcomers (we adapt, adjust and overcome). We’ve done it since the beginning of our nation. That’s who we are.

Did I answer your concerns? Probably not, but then again you doubt when you should be looking ahead for a better future for your family and for America. If you can’t get that with a Trump presidency you will be sorely disappointed with a Biden/Harris presidency. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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