Lee Keltner – Local Denver Hat Man


Lee Keltner – Local Denver Hat Man

I blip scrolling across the bottom of your television screen may have mentioned a shooting in Denver between to protest groups resulted in 1 death and 1 arrest. If you blinked you may have missed it.

The News 9 team was on the scene and filming the mostly peaceful protest as the Patriot Rally in support of blue lives matter had assembled in downtown Denver and a counter-protest group of BLM/Antifa assembled nearby. Reports say there were exchanging of words and tempers flared up over the course of the protest, then as both groups were standing down and departing the area a shot rang out and one protester Lee Keltner a Denver area Army Veteran and local hat maker was down, shot in the face and killed by a private security guard for the News 9 team who was promptly placed under arrest for murder.

There has to be more to this story than we’ve been told thus far, but it appears words were exchanged and a single gunshot ended the heated discussion. It was soon released that the security guard Matthew Dolloff was in fact not a licensed security guard, nor employed by the security guard company supposedly hired by the News 9 team. Matthew Dolloff could face jail time and penalties for not being licensed, plus facing a murder charge for shooting Lee Keltner and in front of his adult son and shocked witnesses nearby.

I’ve heard no public condemnation of the shooting by local or national politicians. There were no riots, no protest marches, not uproar by BLM or Antifa although they were complicit by staging their counter-protest rally. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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