The Real Ukrainian Connection – Updated


The Real Ukraine Connection Updated (10-16-2020)

It was almost 1 year ago when I first posted this article and a lot has happened since then. We have had a president impeached after being accused of doing something that former Vice President and now Democratic presidential hopeful had actually done.

Nothing would have happened except a hapless computer repair shop owner decided to follow up on something he had turned over to the FBI in 2019. It has come to light by FBI Director Wray that a certain laptop obtained from the shop owner had been inadvertently destroyed and that is why nothing had been done. The laptop in question is one of three that had been dropped off at the repair shop in early 2019, but never picked up or paid the repair bill. It is lucky that the laptop hard drive had been cloned at the repair shop, as is customary prior to working on a stubborn hard drive, as data preservation is essential.  A copy of the cloned hard drive had been passed on to Rudy Giuliani’s investigative team for analysis and what they found amounted to breaches in national security and exposed blatant crimes perpetuated by the then Vice President – Joe Biden and his son Hunter. So the question remains – why is this being fought so hard by politicians, former politicians, the FBI and others in order to cover up this scandal, one that Obama himself said never embarrassed his administration?  It got me to thinking about an article (this article) I wrote last year and now the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are coming together and the picture being painted will more than embarrass a lot of high level political players and during the 11th hour, only 18 days before the election.

Read the article (as written last year) and judge for yourself. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Real Ukraine Connection

Before tape of former Vice President Joe Biden surfaced bragging about going to Ukraine and giving an ultimatum of firing the prosecutor investigating the gas firm linked to his son Hunter Biden or huge sums of US financial aid would be withheld, and the clock was ticking nobody had heard about Ukraine. At least not until President Trump called to congratulate the newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky and during the call asked him to find out what happened?

I’ve been asking, “What’s the big deal about the Ukraine anyway”.

Maybe we should just connect the dots between US politicians, their families and Ukrainian Oil and energy companies because what we’re hearing about the Ukraine is somewhat surprising?

It’s not about the firing of the prosecutor – It’s about US Cash for Ukraine gas – Pay2Play.

  • Barack Obama sent $1.3B to Russian owned bank in Ukraine
  • $7B US taxpayer $ missing from Ukraine Foreign Aid
  • VP Joe Biden received $900,000 from Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s son a Ukraine kickback?
  • Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma a gas firm in (Athens) Ukraine
  • In 2014 $1.5B (now missing) aid to Ukraine
  • In 2014 – 2018 Burisma made 18 payments of $166,666/mo to Rosemont Seneca (Archer Heinz & Hunter Biden)
  • $90,000 from Hunter Biden to David Leiter (John Kerry’s Chief of Staff) who then bribes Democratic Senator Ed Markey ($60K), Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Sen Richard Blumenthal and possibly other legislators.
  • Senator Ed Markey lobbied Obama to increase Ukraine gas production – Ukraine got $3B taxpayer $
  • John Kerry’s State Dep sought to build “Activist Network” throughout Ukraine shortly after 2016 election.
  • Mitt Romney’s son is now linked to business dealings in the Ukraine
  • Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi Jr on the board of Viscoil (NRGLab) which did energy business in Ukraine
  • John Kerry’s step-son Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz and Hunter Biden owned Rosemont Seneca a Ukrainian energy company.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff relationship with Arms dealer in Ukraine
  • Hunter Biden Ukraine and China?
  • John Kerry (2012 – 2016) & Christopher Heinz Ukraine and China?
  • Hillary Clinton and Ukraine
  • Barack Obama and Ukraine
  • Adam Schiff and Ukraine
  • Whitey Bulger’s son
  • Barack Obama – John Kerry’s daughter’s Nonprofit
  • Dept of State (Kerry’s) funneled $9M through Peace Corps to seed Global Laundering
  • Clinton Foundation

I don’t know about you but it seems that the Trump-Ukraine Phone call set off a repeat of the Russian Collusion Delusion by House Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others who may be deeply involved in unethical, improper and illegal US – Ukrainian activities that have the tendency to rip the gavel of power right out of their hands.

Ordinary citizens and taxpayers really had no clue about Ukraine until now. In hindsight Barack Obama was setting up permanently stopping US Oil and Gas production so that the US would be just another nation buying its oil from the Ukraine, thereby making some very wealthy politicians even wealthier.

What happened to stop this scheme from spiraling out of control? – President Donald J. Trump! The only way to save their own skin was to act on the phony impeachment process in the House and what will happen is more of these improprieties will surface and a great many lawmakers and politicians will be unmasked and face expulsion from congress and lengthy prison sentences because the Democratic Party of 2019 is more akin to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea than it is to the Democratic Party of Franklin D. Roosevelt or John F. Kennedy. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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