On the Timeline of the Hunter Biden Laptop


On the Timeline of the Hunter Biden Laptop

I’ve been thinking of the episode of the Hunter Biden laptop which he dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019. Like many of you I wondered why we’ve never heard anything until we’re this close to the 2020 presidential election.

I know that many will say this is a dirty trick by President Trump to insure his reelection but I assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

The laptop saga happened BEFORE the impeachment “investigation” had even started and the emails contained on the laptop were during the Obama presidency when Joe Biden was VP. Keep in mind that Speaker Pelosi has triggered House Democrats on impeachment even before she was “elected” by them to return to the Speaker of the House position after the 2018 midterms.

What was being broadcast so in June or July 2019 caused the computer repair guy took a closer look at what was on the laptop as he feared the laptop was some sort of illegal property. He became concerned about what he was seeing on the laptop while using a keyword search through the emails, as they told a very different story than what was being broadcast on television.

There were emails in 2014 from a Burisma official asking Hunter Biden to use his influence to help Burisma and another thanking him for setting up a meeting with Joe Biden. And there were more emails as well as pornographic images and other illegal activity on the laptop and in September 2019 he contacted an intermediary who contacted FBI. The FBI came out and cloned hard drive then weeks then later returned with subpoena and confiscated laptop. He told the FBI he was fearful of what could happen to him as the Biden family was very powerful in Delaware. The FBI told him “if he kept his mouth shut nothing would happen.” Before giving the original hard drive to the FBI, the repair guy made 4 copies of it and left 2 copies with friends in case he was killed.

After a period of time not hearing further from the FBI the computer guy contacted several members of congress but got no response. As the impeachment proceedings began the shop owner saw the false allegations being levied against Trump and decided to contact a group of people about the information he had. One person in that group was Robert Costello who is Rudy Giuliani’s personal attorney.

As Costello checked out the documents to insure they were authentic, he authenticated the hard drive with a number of different tests before cataloging it and bringing it to Rudy Giuliani’s attention. When contacted by Fox News the FBI would not comment on any investigation. When contacted by New York Post, the Delaware AG’s office would not confirm or deny any investigation.

What we all should be asking is how this happened in the first place? What other illegal activities have Hunter Biden and his father Joe Biden been involved in previously and why has it simply been allowed to continue? Why were the “sins” of this prominent Congressional Democrat used in unfounded allegations against President Trump for the past 4 year smear campaign? Even more interesting is how and why did Joe Biden secure the DNC nomination for the 2020 campaign? Was it to shield him from prosecution, while Democrats continue to push the false narrative of Trump corruption?

I don’t know about you but I’m at a point where I feel the United States Government should be UNPLUGGED and a RESET button pushed allowing for a fresh start or a “Do Over” (like in golf) needs to happen so we can rid the corruption from the Legislative Branch as the amount of corruption coming out of Congress show just how out of touch from reality our legislators have been for quite some time now. We must place the blame squarely where it belongs to include career civil servants of the deep state who continue their activities unobstructed regardless of who is elected or appointed into political office.

The Hunter Biden laptop has exposed illegal activities of legislators and upper level management and agents of law enforcement deliberately covering up the unethical and illegal activities of the office of the Vice President and ultimately the office of President Obama who said no scandals embarrassed his administration for 8 years. Well Mr. Obama that statement might be coming to bite you right in the nether regions sooner than you think? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



5 thoughts on “On the Timeline of the Hunter Biden Laptop

  1. Spot on, Bud. Now. Tell me how we can kick the MSM in the ass to get them to proclaim the criminality of ALL of Washington and essentially of entrenched politicians everywhere? Then all I need to do is to get some of my lib associates to LISTEN and THINK. One polluted mind at a time, one polluted mind at a time…


    1. Man MSM knows.. it would be foolish to think they aren’t being paid big time to report the propaganda they do. This started years ago with CIA operations like operation mockingbird ( not same as project mockingbird) Lyndon Johnson was asked in session if they had anyone paid by the CIA in the national news network and he refused to answer. He said twice that was something he preferred to discuss in executive session. About hmm maybe 10 years later give or take a few.. after another session DOJ and some others I can’t remember exacts but they said they ended using journalists to influence the thoughts of Americans to help them push their agenda. Now here we are 50-60 years later and it’s pretty obvious they did not stop. Only got worse until almost 95 percent of our news is all propaganda bs. Personally I only trust James Okeefe with project veritas. I may be naive there even but anyone that exposes cnn with a undercover journalist who catches them on not 1 but 3 tapes .. is good by me. MSM will never expose the corruption now. They would rather live a lie than have trump back in office. That’s how much they hate him. Or any republican actually. Ha and even if they did start reporting the truth it would take years to unbraimwash and deprogram the ones who believed it all. I have tried one polluted mind at a time.. there is not enough fresh air for us all to breathe is all I can come up with because no one wants to be unpolluted 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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  2. Well written almost 100 percent factual ( only say almost because for those of us paying attention hunters laptop has been real for so long I have forgotten a bit. I can’t remember why John-Paul was using keyword to search it but anyway) great post thank you!


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