Thirteen Days


Thirteen Days

You are either part of the solution or the problem? I have written many blogs about the engine driving us toward the 2020 election and still you remain unconvinced or diluted into thinking that it will all go away after November 3rd where the stakes are extremely high. Democrats play for keeps while Republicans are often missing in action, relying on good intentions to carry the day.

Many want to compare the United States with Africa. Do you know how absurd that is? North America is a continent with Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. The USA is a nation of 50 states and an estimated population of 331,002,651 people. Africa is a continent with 54 countries, nine territories and two independent states with limited or no recognition and a population of 1.2 billion people. There is no comparison.

Yet in the House of Representatives Congressional Black Caucus members would lead you to believe that we are a racist nation and that all whites are the racists to beat all racists. The CBC by definition of their name and “charter” are in fact the self-appointed governmental racist police who hold themselves up as the example for others in government to follow. How is that even possible since they ARE the racists in government?

In 1969 President Nixon refused to acknowledge or cater to the CBC (or its predecessor) and that sparked a congressional feud with the Executive Branch when the President is of a different political party. In the congress of today every legislator is expected to join the CBC upon being elected into either the House or the Senate.

Doesn’t that smell like the blending together of the powers within the Legislative Branch where the House and the Senate are two very distinct bodies with very different purposes and responsibilities under the constitution?

When President Trump was inaugurated the CBC refused to attend. This began the resistance movement against the duly elected president and should have been stopped at the very start yet the hate being manufactured against a man who beat the party favorite Hillary Clinton was only just beginning. In the days and years since we have heard almost nonstop from CBC members who not only criticize the president but have actually called for his death in office.

Think about that, sitting Democrats in the legislature inciting violence, to include death, of the sitting president and NOBODY BLINKS AN EYE! Did the Secret Service, FBI or officials of the National Intelligence agencies arrest anyone? Did they investigate? Did anybody go to jail? I still see Maxine Waters, Fredericka Wilson and other CBC members standing in front of the media threatening the president, his cabinet officials and Trump supporters citing their red MAGA hats are offensive and referring to us as “Trump’s Henchmen” for standing up to the lawlessness of ruthless and unashamed domestic terrorists. This is all “smoke and mirrors” political tomfoolery and it must be stopped.

How do we change the scenario – by education and reinforcing our American values, traditions and customs; stopping the political correctness and division of the democratic leftists and their media army; and by voting Republican for President Donald J. Trump?

How do we begin? Start by removing “racially hyphenated American” when referring to ourselves and/or others. We are either Americans or we are not. Yes we have communities where like-minded immigrants have settled and conduct their business as Americans, but we will not let it define us. We talk to each other as men and women, boys and girls without racial divisions.

When do we begin? I say now – today we begin by voting in the general election of 2020 for President Trump. We begin by self-stimulating our economy in our own communities. We open our businesses, hire competent employees, and provide reasonable training and work hard to make products or services needed by our fellow American customers.

Turn off the mainstream media so all that hype doesn’t adversely affect your sense of right and wrong.

Don’t let the Chicago-style politics of fear and intimidation prevent you from expressing YOURSELF as an American voter. Educate yourself on the issues and the candidates BEFORE you head over to the polls.

Remember if you choose not to vote, not only do you deprive yourself of the ability to express your voice in politics, but you take away the right to criticize when politics go wrong. Voting is a right guaranteed by the constitution – exercise that right! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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