A Controlled Spin or Out of Control?


A Controlled Spin or Out of Control?

Step back and take a deep breath. Look at what is happening on the political front. It’s as if someone has tipped over a giant trash bin and all the garbage is rolling downhill. You might think it has only just happened but you’d be wrong.

In 2015 Donald Trump effectively stopped “politics as usual” in America when he announced his run for the presidency. His descent down the golden escalator symbolically was an entry into the swamp of Washington DC. His campaign promised to return America to its rightful place in the order of world affairs. Unlike Obama’s fundamental change in America (“like you’ve never seen,” said Michelle Obama) what Trump said was to return power to “we the people”. That has been a concept missing in politics for quite some time and quite possibly since FDR.

In the world of the rich and famous politicians view them as their own personal ATM machines. Donations to political campaigns are done every day and the one on the receiving end never see themselves as indebted or indentured servants as they count their piles of gold coins. On the other hand the rich and famous see politicians as what they really are – predictable and greedy. Someone would say they are cannon fodder or more to the point – useful idiots.

In the world of politics smearing someone during the campaign is just how it’s done. In fact it’s nothing personal because everybody does it. So when Donald Trump entered the world of politics it was time to teach him a lesson he’d never forget and never recover from as a war on Trump was about to get real.

First the presidential debates where the GOP candidates were mostly well qualified and seasoned politicians. Many were sitting legislators, former governors or CEOs or professionals in their fields of expertise and only one was an entertainer-real estate mogul. The DNC candidate was a former first lady, former Obama cabinet official and soon to be the first woman president. By everyone’s standard it was no contest. By election night it was a clear upset of political norms as Donald Trump carried the Electoral College and would be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. America was shocked.

What was clear was Trump had to be stopped. The world depended on it. Over the next 4 years the Democratic Party unified in their effort to sabotage the Trump presidency by blocking, resisting and using the failed Alinsky Principles turned to a level of media warfare not seen in American politics.

According to Alinsky you can’t fight the establishment, but you can fight someone specific to the establishment. So one must identify the target, isolate the target and pepper the target with anything and everything in order to get them to throw up their hands and call it quits. Nothing is off the table. Ridicule is the best weapon. Make noise. Make up noise. Keep it up. You must have fun doing it. Don’t extend it too long or it becomes boring.

When Hillary Rodham wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky she thought he was all that and a bag of chips. She began mastering his Radicals for Revolution techniques and began launching herself toward the office of the president, but had to settle for the wife of the president when Bill Clinton was elected the 42nd President in 1993.

Before you say this is not relevant to Donald Trump’s presidency let me continue to show the relevancy. After her stint as first lady Hillary ran for and was elected Senator for New York where she built up her base of power in preparation for her run for president in her own right. Following the Alinsky Principles she learned early on, she set the stage for a 2008 run and made sure her competition (Bernie Sanders) had no chance for the DNC nomination. It was as if she stole his spot in the limelight. So focused was she on beating Bernie that she didn’t see it coming.

Fellow Senator Barack Obama from Illinois also an Alinsky pupil leap-frogged over her and not only took the nomination but beat the GOP competition of fellow Senator John McCain to become the 44th President. Not one to miss an opportunity, he offered a consolation prize to Hillary to become his Secretary of State. This would ensure her compliance throughout his presidency.

Obama had learned Alinsky’s Rules for Revolution (Radicals) as a community organizer before moving into Illinois politics as a State Senator, then as a US Senator in Washington. His power base was growing exponentially and when he was inaugurated the world was his oyster. Obama expanded his influence and exercised his control over everyone and everything going on in his administration so that his reelection in 2012 was assured. His plan included a Hillary presidency where his policies would be continued and the fundamental transformation of America would be complete and irreversible had it succeeded.

A funny thing about politics is one becomes complacent and over confident at the amount of power one has and it’s easy to think of invincibility as a strength. In the case of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden that invincibility was made even more so by the responsibility given him on the international world scale. He literally had the full backing of the United States government and made it quite clear to those he dealt with that he was that important.

Joe Biden learned to make a show of his political influence first as a Senator for Delaware and later as Vice President. He became over-confident and actually acted as if he was immune to prosecution for any wrong doing. He acted as he wished and/as directed by his political boss and almost got away with it. In fact he used his influence to secure a position on a foreign company for his son Hunter Biden, then when necessary exerted his influence on a foreign government to protect his son and the company that employed him. He later bragged about doing just that and everybody laughed.

Now fast forward to the events preceding the 2020 election, who was the late comer to the DNC? Who soon eclipsed the entire field of DNC candidates to become the nominee? Who selected his running mate based on gender and skin color, not on ability or expertise? If you said Joe Biden you were absolutely correct.

So how do events related to the Hunter Biden laptop come into play? Why was this single item not dealt with in early 2019 when it was first discovered? Why did it not surface and draw media attention, instead of the impeachment hoax of President Donald Trump. Why had this entire episode been swept under the rug until – somebody looked at the rug? I have thoughts on this and they are not pretty – if you’re Joe Biden.

I feel that the Hunter Biden laptop was a scandal that was not expected to surface. And in June or July 2019 wasn’t that about the time that Joe Biden entered the race for the DNC nomination? Was it not to shield him from prosecution should it leak out about his son Hunter? More importantly now that Joe Biden is showing signs of mental frailty is him being framed as the front runner in the race against President Trump simply a way to keep him out of jail? You do know Joe Biden could be impeached but it must begin with the democratically controlled House? There are implications of involvement by sitting members of Congress who could also face impeachment should those facts be taken seriously.

The details of the Hunter Biden laptop debacle are still revealing corruption and illegal activity in high levels of law enforcement. I think there are still individuals involved that cases are being firmed up in preparation for dropping the hammer shortly after the election and/or inauguration.

As I said earlier the Democratic playbook (Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) is a failed one that continues to fail with each step taken by the Democratic Party. We have seen scandals being perpetuated by congressional leaders and signed onto by congressional sheep at the expense of American taxpayers right up until the 11th hour. The justification of abortion, and the attempted obstruction of the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS; the Hunter Biden laptop; and the interference of the election by High Tech – Google, Facebook and Twitter as well as both print and online media like the New York Times Sunday insert to discredit President Trump, and the constant chatter of late night talk shows are all coordinated to confuse and distract American voters. Even the biological attack in the form of a “pandemic” of the COVID-19 is being used as a ploy to affect the 2020 election by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Take a look back at some of my Real Truckmaster blogs over the past 3 years or so and you will be able to see the crisis’ being perpetrated on the American public.  You will also be clear in what I feel is the hand of Almighty God in all that is happening as he takes evil and turns it into good for HIS glory as he furthers his plan. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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