In The Family Business


In The Family Business

Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has said that nothing is off the table should the Democrats take back the Senate, and keep the House should they gain back the White House and he wasn’t kidding.

That’s a lesson President Trump has said Republicans need to learn – playing hard ball.

Growing up poor Joe Biden said his family had to move in with relatives to survive. After graduating law school in 1968 and being admitted to the Delaware bar in 1969 Biden founded Biden and Walsh Corporate Law, but soon realized corporate law didn’t pay the bills.

Joe Biden delved into local politics as a New Castle County Council member in 1970, before being elected in 1973 to the US Senate from Delaware where he became the senior Senator until 2009,

I have no doubt that he was a hard charging Senator who spoke his mind, demanded his way and at times crossed even his own party to get his way. As a Senator he became an expert negotiator in foreign affairs.

I assume that in 2005 the junior Senator from Illinois paid a great deal of attention as he watched and learned how things were done in Washington until he made his move in 2008 and took the Democratic nomination away from Hillary Clinton at the DNC convention. It was only natural for Senator Barack Obama to choose powerful Joe Biden as his running mate for the win and the presidency and in 2009 Biden became the 47th Vice President under Barack Obama until 2017.

On January 23, 2018 former VP Biden drew attention on himself by openly boasting of exerting the power of the Obama administration on Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a company called Burisma, where his son Hunter happened to be on the board. An innocent mistake or an act of bravado – you be the judge – (

In April 2019 Hunter Biden carried three laptop computers to a Delaware computer repair shop with major issues. One was unrepairable; a second needed an external keyboard as a temporary fix; a third needed repair work that would take a bit of time. After 90 days and no return visit from Hunter to pay the bill and retrieve the laptop the owner tried contacting Hunter Biden without success.

As the House began investigating President Trump over Ukraine and Burisma started coming up on television news reports something struck the computer guy as odd. On a hunch he went to the laptop hard drive and conducted a keyword search on Burisma.  There were lots of hits and nothing about the president surfaced. What’s more there were lots of emails and questionable pornographic photos with children and adults, so the computer guy contacted the FBI, who came and cloned the hard drive, and weeks later came with a subpoena to confiscate the laptop, but nothing happened.

So in Trumps second call to Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 25, 2019 President Trump asked him to find out what happened with a situation in Ukraine called Crowdstrike? Zelensky said he would and asked for Giuliani to come to Ukraine to work with the Ukrainian officials on the investigation. That call was the opportunity for House Democrats to use for impeachment proceedings attempting to hang the sins of VP Joe Biden and the Obama administration’s failures on President Trump.

The FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop, a copy of the hard drive and did nothing as President Trump was impeached by House Democrats over Ukraine. Either they knew but kept silent, or they never pursued the matter after getting their hands on the laptop.

From early 2019 it had been known that Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma in Ukraine and had made a number of trips on Air Force Two with his father VP Joe Biden to Ukraine, China and elsewhere. (It wouldn’t be hard to obtain flight log info on Air Force Two) as this created a conflict of interest, national security issues and self-admitted pay-for-play bribery by VP Biden with Ukrainian allocated funds, yet nobody in the Obama administration’s intelligence community, the media or even the Democratic Party seemed the least bit concerned.

In law enforcement terminology the Biden-Ukrainian Connection became a cold case file.

Remember the computer guy? Having not heard from the FBI, he contacted Delaware legislators without any response back. He then reached out to a group of people, one of which was Robert Costello, Rudy Giuliani’s personal attorney who authenticated, copied and cataloged the contents of the hard drive. After analyzing the contents in 2020 Giuliani contacted Delaware Police Department, presented them with the hard drive and the evidence of child pornography. Delaware PD contacted the FBI to begin an investigation.

In October 2020 we have learned the following about the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents.

We have been told by Jill Biden that Americans don’t want to hear about it.

We have been told by Hunter Biden’s business partner that the emails are genuine and Hunter sought his dad’s advice.

We have been told by Hunter’s business partner details of Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China.

We have also been told by Hunter’s business partner the Bidens made millions off of China Deals.

We have seen a list of prominent Democrats, including Kamala Harris, as ‘key contacts’ from Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden’s email pertaining to the Biden Family Business.

We have been told that Hunter Biden tells of his Burisma role in Ukraine.

This tiny detail was buried in Federal Subpoena concerning pictures of underage girls.

What we are witnessing attests to an old saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in the case of the very powerful Biden Crime Family in the Delaware area and in Washington. These are powerful crimes made by powerful people who hold themselves above the law and should they get caught (they did) they know that money talks if you have the right connections.

The fact that these crimes were covered up by the Obama DOJ, and it has taken almost 4 years for the Trump DOJ to put the pieces of the puzzle together makes everything suspicious. Why have there been no reporting by main stream media journalists, no questions being asked and those placed in public trust doing nothing but covering their own six is appalling.

Have they no honor? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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