Put Public back in Public Service


Put Public back in Public Service

I get it that Congressional Democrats are pretty miffed at President Trump after the 2016 election. What shows a sorry state of affairs and the mental state of certain Democrats in Congress is the lengths they have gone through to insure it doesn’t happen again in on November 3rd, 2020.

Their efforts have failed immensely and opened the eyes of many of the political blind to the bag of dirty tricks used not only against President Trump, but against Democrats in political office and voters in their own home districts.

When your party demands a vice presidential nominee who is a female and of color instead of superb qualifications, when you target a well-qualified judge nominated to the Supreme Court over her religious views, but attempt to chastise her for using the term “sexual preference” Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves.

Congressional Democrats have added insult to injury by threatening – that word threatening is a Democratic fallback when things don’t go their way, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Senator Schumer has threatened that nothing is off the table should the Senate confirm ACB and should the Democrats retake a majority of the Senate they will “pack the court” increase the size until they have a liberal majority in SCOTUS.

Does Schumer not know that the SCOTUS is to uphold the Constitution against liberal, conservative or any other agenda? It is not a place for party politics.

In the House Speaker Pelosi has kept stimulus money from reaching American citizens, because she wants her pork projects tacked on to it and refuses to budge, but blames President Trump.

Speaker Pelosi is threatening to run for Speaker again should the House keep the majority. Does she not know that the House and in particularly the newly elected members want the ability to do the job they were elected to do without a dictatress telling them what they will or will not do in Congress?

I have a suggestion:

Both the House and the Senate initiate special committees to go over each and every House or Senate rule that dictates how each legislative body is to operate.

Then eliminate those rules that are outdated or favor one political party over the other.

Next create rules to eliminate EVERY Congressional Caucus (withdraw funding) and place the entire Congress on equal footing.

Change or create rules that remove Congressional “perks”.

Change or create rules that Members of Congress are not outside the laws they create (same as everyone else).

Change or create rules that Members of Congress who file intent to run for the office of President of the United States must immediately resign their elected office.

Change or create rules that initiate term limits (2 terms maximum) for Members of Congress.

Change or create rules that hold Members of Congress accountable for their actions, conduct and words.

Change or create rules that “insider trading” or personal enrichment while in Congress is a crime punishable by fine, expulsion from Congress and upon conviction – imprisonment.

Change or create rules that withhold pay for each missed Congressional word day (no work no pay).

Change or create rules that political work stoppage stunts on the floor of Congress will result in pay docking and/or dismissal/expulsion from Congress.

I, for one, am tired of the “same-o-same-o” political circus stunts routinely committed by members of Congress to be used as publicity stunts. Elected officials work for US the American citizens. They are sent to Congress as public servants to do our bidding and not the other way around.

It’s time for normalcy to return to Congress and to the American way of life. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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