What We Don’t Know About The Voting Process


What We Don’t Know About the Voting Process

American’s pride themselves on perfecting processes to do just about everything and when we think they can be more efficient or effective we don’t hesitate to improve upon them. By the same token when we think we can outsmart a process to our advantage we won’t hesitate to try to “game” the system either.

This holds true with the voting process. We used to go to the precinct polling places, show our picture identification, sign the ledger entry and receive our ballot slip. We would then go into a voting booth or enclosure alone and make our choices. Once we were done we’d exit the booth, drop our slip into a locked container or receptacle and receive a “I Voted” sticker to signify we had done our patriotic duty.

Well not anymore. According to the Constitution the voting process is not regulated at the federal level but at state level. It is a citizen’s guaranteed right to vote yet in some states or precincts there is no mandate for voter identification or signature verification and voter rolls (databases) have not been properly maintained (updated or purified). There is simply no way to insure the person is even eligible to vote.

Have you ever gone into a store to buy a can of spray paint and had to be “carded” to verify you are old enough to buy the paint? Well I have and at 71 it is insulting to say the least. So why not be required to show photo ID and/or proof of US citizenship in the form of Certified copy of your birth certificate or US Passport before being allowed to vote?

What about the document used for voting – where are ballots printed and against what database? Who or what organization is contracted to create and print the state ballot? Does each ballot have a control or reference identification number for tracking and control?

Once ballots have been printed and sorted, who controls those ballots prior to and during voting?

Is there a chain of custody to prevent unauthorized access to the ballots?

How are early voting ballots controlled? How are they processed?

Are there control mechanisms to prevent multiple (absentee vs in person) voting?

During voting are ballots automatically or manually processed? What safeguards are in place?

What happens when someone has moved in or out of state? How are they able to vote properly?

The reason I bring these questions up is that although many states have conducted absentee voting for years, there are some state or precincts where it seems to be an issue.

Additionally and more recently Congress has attempted to mandate ALL voting be done by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the problems surfaced that voter rolls were inaccurate and several instances of multiple ballots being sent to the same person at a single address.

An issue was raised that the US Post Office would not be able to keep up with the mail in ballots so select individuals decided to collect ballots to be transported to election drop off points.

In other instances individuals went door-to-door “volunteering” to assist voters by picking up their ballots and taking them to the official drop off points. This is known as ballot harvesting and in many states it is illegal and violates any sort of chain of custody.

During yesterday’s voting process at some precincts individuals were handing out magic markers (felt tip pens) to voters as they waited outside the precinct. What problems this may have caused is yet to be seen, but marking in pen or pencil is stated on the ballots. Any marks on the ballot with magic markers may have caused those ballots to be rejected.

In certain states trained and certified poll watchers were asked to leave the polling station, while at other stations unidentified individuals were seen going into voting booths with voters, another clear violation of voter intimidation and harassment.

Also in recent events 100,000 ballots were “discovered” in one state precinct and every one was for Joe Biden? It makes me wonder if the foxes are guarding the henhouses. It is clear that legal challenges will arise when clear cut cases of voter fraud or intimidation continue popping up. It seems like I read a recent Joe Biden quote that “We have the largest voter fraud organization in history.” Maybe he meant voter fraud prevention organization, but then maybe I can still find his original quote.

I’m wondering when technology will advance (if not already) to the point that there will be an app for that? It is conceivable that voters could login to a StateVoters.com website, with a user name and password, create an account and upload PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP documents, then complete a state voting ballot online, use an eSignature block and press CAST YOUR BALLOT HERE. An email verification of voting would then arrive in their email box shortly after completing their online ballot. Those individuals who are technologically challenged would still be able to vote in person by verifying their citizenship and signature. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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