Pencil Politics or Cheating at the Polls


Pencil Politics or Cheating at the Polls

What I am stating brings new meaning to pencil politics, where the party with the pencil wins. I don’t simply call it voter fraud I call it cheating and it illegal. According to the Constitution each state is responsible to conduct elections by precincts. The Secretary of State for each of the 50 states and US territories has the overall responsibility to insure elections are conducted according to state law. Each precinct has delegated responsibility to insure eligible voter are received and counted. How is this done remains a mystery to voters and we have assumed that officials are following the rules.

It has been reported that during this 2020 presidential election one political party holds the figurative pencil and brought in unverified ballots when and where needed with no questions being asked. One party has hired employees to count and control all ballots in their precincts and taken action to eject ballot watchers from another political party; erected a fenced-in secure area, covered windows preventing ballot monitors from having eyes on work being done inside and that some ballots brought into the secure counting area were from voters no longer living or no longer residing in the precinct and possibly registered in other precincts? One party has sought social media to stifle the free speech of the President of the United States during the remaining time it takes to count literally thousands of ballots that suddenly appeared for that party’s candidate and ballot counters dressed in the campaign attire of a political party candidate while counting ballots even though it is a federal offense to do so?

As I see it the law is the law. Violators of the law must be held accountable for their actions. That includes the actions of those under their employment. Nobody is above the law.

What we are seeing is a total breakdown in the election process as we’ve never seen before because states and counties controlled by Democratic Party elected officials have allowed their hatred for one man to cloud their judgement and the nation suffers.

It’s time for federal and state election officials to call for a full audit of all ballots (mail in and in person) to insure that only legitimate and valid ballots are counted and to take steps to insure that cheating at the poles does not happen again. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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