Stacking the Votes


Stacking The Votes

Elections have always been political. Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” What is happening today in American politics is blatant, in your face, and obviously illegal. Individuals in a host of government agencies at various levels think they could devise “foolproof” ways to circumvent election laws and get away with it.

These are the same individuals who scream an opposition party candidate has colluded with foreign governments to interfere with the 2016 election; refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election; and have attempted a continual coup against the sitting president for the past 4 years. To make matters even worse in many cases they are the very makers of the laws they violate. 

Here are some of the ways they are attempting to “Stack The Vote”, closing polling sites before the November 3rd 8pm deadline; ejecting poll watchers of a certain political party; transporting official and illegal ballots to the official counting sites and shielding from view the process of counting ballots; failing to maintain the integrity of the voting process by openly wearing political party affiliation clothing while counting ballots; bringing unofficial and illegal ballots into a “secure” ballot counting facility during hours of darkness; engaging in illegally timestamping ballots at USPS facilities, after the 8pm deadline. These actions violate the integrity of the election process and shine a light on systematic failures of statewide election processes primarily in democratically controlled states. Contrary to popular belief election irregularity is not an unrecoverable problem but will lead to a contested election in those states where irregularities have been seen leading to court challenges and ultimately being referred for a decision at the Supreme Court. The popular vote determines how state electors will vote in the Electoral College and precisely why elections are in November and the inauguration isn’t until the following January.

Individuals and organizations who knowingly participate in election fraud, interference, receiving and processing counterfeit or fake ballots and other illegal action will result in arrests and prosecution.

Based on what we are seeing (this is still ongoing) there should be a major effort to require state voter rolls to be verified and purged of all inactive voter information. There should be a renewed effort to conduct voting process reforms to maintain the integrity of the election process and the “chain of custody” of each legal vote while seeking out and punishing those who willfully violate election laws.

The election process should be accurate and simple with an identifiable state ballot issued from a single state voter database that after being issued can be tracked, traced and recorded in a timely manner at secure centralized precinct locations and at state election offices. Monitoring and supervising of employees at every level is a must to prevent unauthorized and illegal activity from happening.

Sample Database

Reg #            Voter                  Address                                          Issued             Voted         Time    TabMachine

EPC1234      John Q Public    123 Main St, Denver, CO 80000 26 Oct 2020   3 Nov 2020  21:05  COV411

(County – Voter – Address – Ballot Issued, Ballot Received (date & time) Tabulated by Machine Number or Employee name and number)

All ballots (Absentee, Mail or In Person) are trackable as they are processed by machines or by hand (when machines are unavailable). This would enable duplicate voting, unlawful or illegal ballots to be rejected and set aside for further investigation and subsequent legal action.

If a state can issue a vehicle license plate or individual driving license and track them based on owner data, why can it not be as simple for an individual voter ballot?

I may not be the sharpest knife in the box, but I am the Real Truckmaster!


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