Ode to R***


Ode to R***

I began writing this blog replying to my buddy R*** who is neither Republican nor Democrat but thinks Trump is the wrong man in the White House. Like many others today he wrongly thinks Joe Biden is now the president-elect. I redacted his name for his privacy but feel free to insert your name in its place as if I’m talking to you (I am).

Here we are once again, only you have gone far enough and I shouldn’t be surprised – but I am. You had your say and decided to delve into what can only be described as a full-fledged attack. So here’s my response (that’s what you want right)?

In preparation for the upcoming election every state activated volunteer poll watchers and vote counting monitors to insure everything was above the board – So far so good. Polling places are supposed to be neutral places where voters vote without fear of intimidation or interference. So are ballot counting sites and for the most part that impartiality has been maintained until 2020.

(I have to believe that 2016 may have had this problem too, but I haven’t read any reports confirming or denying it happened then as well.)

In Democratic states, at both voting and counting locations Republican volunteers (certified by their party as watchers) were removed without explanation or cause. Republican volunteers were kept outside and away from ballot counting areas and windows were blocked preventing them from observing the handling of ballots. Observers witnessed after 2AM carloads of more than 200,000 “lost” ballots for Biden brought in boxes and suitcases to counting facilities. In one case several hundred military absentee ballots for Trump were found in trash receptacles. I have seen some of the pictures taken inside those locations show bias toward Biden/Harris with Democratic employees openly wearing party logo. Video shows employees obviously tampering with ballots. I have read statements from a postal employee who said supervisors instructed ballots received after November 3rd were to be separated from regular mail and set aside to be hand stamped for November 3rd, then processed as voting mail. Then reports of ballot processing machine errors where Trump ballots were recorded as Biden ballots (how many I have no clue), but the fact that it even happened is suspect.

The DOJ sent armed federal agents into ballot counting facilities to investigate many of these charges. Because it is now an ongoing investigation we should not hear anything until it has been concluded.

Also the Trump campaign’s legal team has filed multiple legal challenges involving each Democratic state where irregularities have been reported.

There is a simple way to resolve these issues and that is to follow state election guidelines that may be similar to these:

Every ballot absentee, mail in or in person has an identifying control number and a corresponding voter’s name and address information and it should have a date that it was printed and a date it was sent out.

Once it is filled out by the voter, it is returned to a designated drop off location, placed in the mail on or before each state’s required mailing or drop off date or taken to the precinct polling place on November 3rd.

Once it is received it is stored until the date allowed

Once it has been received it is verified using registered voter data and securely stored to wait on the date the state begins counting ballots.

Rejected ballots are separated and securely stored waiting to be verified.

Precinct tallies are forwarded to state election officials and recorded.

Election/Voter fraud is a felony and violators should be criminally prosecuted.

I told you that it’s not over. You seem to think Trump is calling the shots and all Trump supporters take our marching orders on que from him. That’s absurd. All it takes is common sense and NOT listening to fake news being piped across America and around the world.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not president/vice president-elect’s.

They are simply figureheads for rogue Democratic Party operatives/enablers who have attempted the largest election/voter fraud in American history and the media is complacent.

I thought former law enforcement professionals and ordinary citizens would be able to see what has been happening, but I was wrong. So now must I assume you are either part of the solution or part of the problem?

There are investigations and/or subsequent recounts that must be completed. No amount of posturing, lying or cheating will change that, neither Obama, Clinton nor main stream media can call “game over” until after the popular vote that choses electors for each state, who then vote at the Electoral College in December to choose the president.

Now for you to ignore the evidence of election fraud and voter fraud that has been seen and reported to the DOJ, and ignore the court filings of Trump campaign’s legal team is like turning a blind eye to someone robbing a bank, because it’s not your bank or as Antifa and BLM rioters think “you’re insured” and that gives them the right to steal. America loses when good men and women do nothing. Like it or not this is your bank too!

Remember we’re all in this together and it’s called America and the last time I checked Trump is still president and Biden is still a criminal who according to the FBI has been under investigation for money laundering for over a year now and for all of you who think the “Good Guy Won” and Trump lost – think again. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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