Where is your focus?


Where is your focus?

With what’s going on around us the impeachment, COVID-19 virus, political antics, hateful rhetoric and acts of violence to a level we’ve never seen in our nation before, where is YOUR focus? I don’t ask it lightly either. It seems that we’re climbing the 2020 ladder where every wrung is a distraction.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hoopla and forget what’s important. What will directing your anger against anyone gain you? Will you feel better? So will standing in front of a mirror while patting yourself on the back and saying “Good boy” or “Good girl” or even a “Good for you” and “You’re awesome”, but does it change anything? What about the health implications? Will it lower your BP or your A1C (whatever that is) or cause you to have a normal rhythm or steady heart beat?

Does yelling at the television do anything to those on the other end? Does calling someone on TV a jerk make them feel more or less a jerk? What about those around you at work or home, who do they see as the real jerk?

Yes we’ve had lots of distractions over the year 2020 and we’re only just now nearing mid-month in November with Thanksgiving right around the corner where we give thanks to God for our many blessings and for COVID where we’ll be celebrating alone…….(10 people or less and no more than 2 households allowed). Gobble, Gobble!  

December is a time for celebrating the birth of baby Jesus where our humble abodes will resemble the meager stable where neither kings, shepherds and family members will be sorely missed. Life is tough, but even tougher without God.

Again I ask where is your FOCUS – is it on the Almighty God from whom all blessings flow? Or on two geriatric political entities that are hear today and gone tomorrow, ashes to ashes and dust to dust (that sort of stuff)? If life in 2020 was a game of golf I’d be the first to call for a “do over” and call it 2020 version 2 and ban rioting, violence and really bad language. I’d invoke the words of the infamous Rodney King – “Can’t we all just get along?” – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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