So We Voted Now What Happens?


So We Voted Now What Happens?

Without trying to insult anyone’s intelligence I will type slowly. Seriously now voting was our part of the political process where we made our choice for President and Vice President known. It is known as the Popular Vote. After casting our ballots we waited to find out how many votes our candidate received.

After ballots are cast they must be received on Election Day (November 3rd). They are then collected and transported to designated counting sites where each ballot is processed and verified, then counted, tallied, recorded and tally’s forwarded to the state election office (Secretary of State). State tallies are forwarded to the national election office after being signed and certified in multiple copies. There are specific dates whereby each state must comply with the verification process.

Each state is divided into precincts within each county and assigned a number of electors to the Electoral College. This insures that every state regardless of size or population have a voting “voice”. What many voters do not know is that our vote actually decided how our state’s Electoral College delegates are supposed to vote. If our state voted Red the delegates vote Red; if our state voted Blue our delegates vote Blue. (There is no hard and fast rule that the delegates must vote as the state voted.)

On designated dates in each state’s electors cast their vote and those votes are tallied. Certified copies of the tallies are sent to Congress where they are verified, counted and the President-elect and Vice President-elect are announced.

There are predetermined dates for every step of this process to occur. There are no short cuts and premature announcements will only cause anger and frustration.

I advise you to click on this link to download The Electoral College: A 2020 Presidential Election Timeline report

A word about those who advocate for the National Popular Vote option where individual state electors join together basically forming a voting bloc or pac with other states may sound good to the ears, but would in effect replace the voting “voice” of those states and is in direct violation of the Constitution.

The Electoral College was established by the Founding Fathers to provide for each state to have equal representation when choosing a President and Vice President as part of our checks and balances in government.

Also during the ballot voting and verification process for the 2020 Presidential Election a number of court judges have illegally overruled state and federal legislation from the bench by changing or extending the date ballots can be counted, and in some cases without signature verification or post marks, citing COVID-19 as their reasoning. All legislative changes to the law MUST come from the legislature, not the bench of any court. That is why many court challenges may end up at the Supreme Court for an official ruling.

Let me clear up a few points – Donald J. Trump is President of the United States for 4 years (2017 – 2021) and until a new president is inaugurated or he wins re-election – He is YOUR President and mine.

If you listen to the media’s talking heads or legislators who tell you that Joe Biden is President-Elect and Kamala Harris is Vice President-Elect – They are not. There is no transition of power until after the Electoral College has voted, and Congress has announced the winner.

The Democratic Party is saying “reach out to Trump supporters and show them some love” while they are advocating recording a blacklist of EVERYONE who supported President Trump in any way as they “will not forget” those who aided Trump.

I urge you to consider your “Breaking News” sources carefully. Do not allow yourself to be ruled by fear and intimidation (traditional Democratic Party values) or what I call “Chicago Politics” or Mob Rule. There is massive corruption in government (deep state) that must be exposed, expelled and in some cases prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law so that power illegally taken can be returned to “We the People” as the Constitution intended. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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