Responding to a Friend


Responding to a Friend

Yesterday I replied that I thought a friends post was wrong. He said he got a transcript from his favorite radio personality. I will address his comments which are what I would expect from a liberal leftist, which I have never suspected him to be. He said the views expressed by this radio personality pretty much sums up his feelings and that’s a sad commentary. Might I suggest changing stations?

Let me take it point by point.

I disagree with your statement that the foremost job of any American president is to maintain the unity of the republic. It is the primary responsibility of the president to provide for the safety and security of the country; a healthy economy and promote national pride which will bring unity.

The United States is not a democracy, but a constitutional-republic and upholding and protecting the Constitution is paramount to the survival of our nation. The Constitution constrains government and maintains the rights of its citizens shall not be infringed upon or taken away.

In 2012 Donald Trump went on record saying “mail in ballots” provide a source for fraud; in 2020 we witness that assessment to be true as Democrats in Congress floated the idea of “mail in ballots for all” due to COVID-19 and President Trump rightly said it was a political ploy to facilitate massive voter fraud.

Election laws are clear about voting, how elections are to be conducted and how the results are to be made known to the American people. We have seen clear, recorded and reported incidents of election fraud AND voter fraud on a scale never before seen in American elections – Laws changed or modified by lawyers and judges instead of in state legislatures; a political party attempts to circumvent the election process to declare they are the winner before the process has been completed; politicians of a political party says “reach out to Trump supporters” while at the same time saying “We will put everyone who helped Trump on a list and we won’t forget you,” clear cases of voter intimidation.

We see clear violations of the law when legislators in Congress ignore the laws they have created and publicly join the side of the intimidators.

He said there was ZERO evidence of voter fraud and based on clear evidence I say different.

America’s forefathers created the Constitution and pledged their sacred honor, their fortunes and their very lives that this nation would be different than any nation before it. For 200 years we have put our differences aside to combat common enemies that threaten our nation’s survival. We have put the will of the people into a national voting system that works well when its rules are followed.

There are characteristics that have defined American presidents: Grace, compassion, understanding and an ability to unite the American people. President Trump has shown those qualities and more, better than you give him credit. I have never heard President Trump speak out of fear, or promote fear or violence. He has consistently called evil what it is and upheld obeying the laws of the land (the Constitution) and to work hard to make American great once more. What you heard was not a sour or bitter man, but one determined to stop this organized assault on America by persons and organizations attempting to steal the 2020 election outright.

I strongly suggest that you stop listening to anyone else’s interpretation of what President Trump says, but actually listen to what Trump actually says, then evaluate his words for yourself. Trump is not perfect, not by a long shot, but he did not come into office as a politician. In fact he is the most un-politician we’ve had as president since Harry Truman.

There is a reason Trump became president and from day one it’s been clear that he has been up against evil that has engulfed this nation. Trump has not divided the nation, but exposed a nation divided, those who love America and are willing to work hard and those willing live off the free stuff they can get from America. Trump has revealed the corruption of both political parties and in our institution of government and has done more than any other president to bring about change that will make our country and the world better.

He said Trump must tell his followers to stand down – the balance of democracy rests in his hands.

I say differently. It is not Trump or his followers who incite violence, burn, and riot or loot American cities and it is not an American trait to bow or yield to evil.

We stand for truth and bow only to God. It was President Trump who said we do not worship man or government but only God.

I say the fate of America rests in the prayers of our people who acknowledge that God is in control and Trump is but a tool. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


2 thoughts on “Responding to a Friend

    1. Colorado has been using absentee ballots for years without major issues. Voters request them, sign the ballot and mail or drop them off. They are verified or rejected. Then counted. It works fine until someone decides to “game” the system. That is when those responsible must be held accountable and prosecuted to protect the integrity of the voting process.


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