Like a Thief in the Night


Like a Thief in the Night – Dems and Dominion

The night was young and at 8PM on November 3rd, 2020 The Electoral College vote tabulations were in with 410 projected for Trump and 128 projected for Biden. America had spoken and its voice was clear 4 more years for the big guy.

Republicans expected nothing less after the outpouring of support during Trump campaign rallies that vastly exceeded those of 2016 while Biden rallies (those outside of his Delaware basement) drew dismally weak crowds, if at all. Even when the Obamas went on the campaign trail they drew minimal crowd support.

This was the popular vote phase of the presidential election. As a new dawn as America awoke and the initial projections were in as of 4:47AM:

Alabama Trump 9  

Alaska 3 (no projected winner) Trump 62.9% Biden 33.0% (still counting)

Arkansas Trump 6

Arizona 11 (no projected winner) Biden 50.1% Trump 48.5% (still counting)

California Biden 55

Colorado Biden 9

Connecticut Biden 7

Delaware Biden 3

DC Biden 3

Florida Trump 29

Georgia 16 (no projected winner) – Biden 49.4% Trump 49.4% (still counting)

Hawaii Biden 4

Idaho Trump 4

Illinois Biden 20

Indiana Trump 11

Iowa Trump 6

Kansas Trump 6

Kentucky Trump 8

Louisiana Trump 8

Maine Biden 3

Maine Trump 1

Maryland Biden 10

Massachusetts Biden 11

Michigan Biden 16 – Biden 50.5% Trump 47.9% (still counting)

Minnesota Biden 10

Mississippi Trump 6

Missouri Trump 10

Montana Trump 3

Nebraska Trump 4

Nevada 6 (no projected winner) – Biden 49.4% Trump 48.5% (still counting)

New Hampshire Biden 4

New Jersey Biden 14

New Mexico Biden 5

New York Biden 29

North Carolina 15 (no projected winner) – Trump 50.0% Biden 48.6% (still counting)

North Dakota Trump 3

Ohio Trump 18

Oklahoma Trump 7

Oregon Biden 7

Pennsylvania 20 (no projected winner) – Trump 49.5% Biden 49.2% (still counting)

Rhode Island Biden 4

South Carolina Trump 9

South Dakota Trump 3

Tennessee Trump 11

Texas Trump 38

Utah Trump 6

Vermont Biden 3

Virginia Biden 13

Washington Biden 12

West Virginia Trump 5

Wisconsin Biden 10 – Biden 49.4% Trump 48.8 (still counting)

Wyoming Trump 3

This gave Trump a total of 214 projected votes and Biden a total of 237 projected votes

Alaska 3 (no projected winner) Trump 62.9% Biden 33.0% (still counting)

Arizona 11 (no projected winner) Biden 50.1% Trump 48.5% (still counting)

Georgia 16 (no projected winner) – Biden 49.4% Trump 49.4% (still counting)

Michigan Biden 16 – Biden 50.5% Trump 47.9% (still counting)

Nevada 6 (no projected winner) – Biden 49.4% Trump 48.5% (still counting)

North Carolina 15 (no projected winner) – Trump 50.0% Biden 48.6% (still counting)

Pennsylvania 20 (no projected winner) – Trump 49.5% Biden 49.2% (still counting)

Wisconsin Biden 10 – Biden 49.4% Trump 48.8 (still counting)

Total 97 projected with no projected winner. 38 Trump 59 Biden

Grand projected total Trump 252 Biden 296

Showing maximum projected votes 548

Huge difference from 410 projected for Trump and 128 projected for Biden a total of 538 EC votes.

So what happened? Are we to believe that somewhere between 2am – 3:30am something catastrophic occurred that handed those projected Trump votes to Biden – really? Isn’t it odd that there are coincidentally so many 49.4% votes for Biden and one 49.4 vote for Trump (tied Biden in Georgia)? Is that statistically possible or probable for that matter?

What happened was a Democratic principle applied to Dominion voting systems (voting equipment and software) that is used in several states and counties across the country – padding the deck or stacking the odds or as we call it – Cheating.

It has been proven that Dominion software can be manipulated to guarantee a specific outcome. In computer parlance it is known as “garbage in – garbage out” and a simple spelling “error” coded into the software program will prevent a candidate from receiving a single vote.

Take the world Republican when a ballot is being tabulated by a Dominion machine it looks for matches and anything that doesn’t match doesn’t get a vote recognized. Here is one way that Dominion software didn’t match Republican candidates. The word Republican was spelled – RepubIican (spell check found it, did you?) Instead of using the letter l the Dominion software programmer used a capital I (upper case i). Put the words together it’s almost impossible for a human eye to catch. Republican vs RepubIican. Had the Dominion software programmer spelled DemocratIc (uppercase i) it would have stood out, remove the ic to form Democrat and there is no way to mask an incorrect character or letter. That is just one way Dominion software was used fraudulently in the 2020 election (if not others).

I think we’ve probably missed other ways that MAY HAVE BEEN used. What about the software for printing ballots. Understand that every state and every county has different items being voted on. Besides the president and vice president there are representatives and senators up for reelection; judges; county officials; amendments and ballot initiatives specific to each county.

I haven’t looked close enough at an absentee ballot but I surmise that each ballot must contain a control identification number, county and state identifier, voter registration information, date of printing, date of mailing out and when it is returned to the polling place and run through a voting machine a date and time record of it being scanned into the system where the votes are counted and tabulated.

What happens if a batch or box of ballots shows up late to a ballot counting facility and appears a bit odd (no user handling scuffmarks)? Closer examination shows a single vote for the same candidate and nothing else marked on the ballot, with or without signature verification. What if the ballot appears to have the candidate marking “coded in” on the ballot form?

Upon receipt ballots should be verified (signature and marked correctly). Those ballots failing to meet the legal criteria should be separated, stored and counted separately. Those ballots passing the initial verification should be stored and counted separately from those failing verification.

From what I’ve gleaned through various reports indicate that voting machine operators use individual flash drives during their shift. At the time operator change so do their flash drives. What happens to the flash drive which has a record of ballots processed? Are they logged in and stored securely to maintain chain of custody? What happens to individual ballots after processing? Are they stored securely to maintain chain of custody?

There have been allegations of misconduct at supervisory level, within ballot counting facilities and at various postal collection points. There are also reports of mishandling of ballots coming into facilities well after the deadline, between 12 am and 2 am or even the following day or two. Other reports of ballot watchers being asked to leave or removed from counting areas. This is in violation of election laws requiring ballot counters from both major political parties to be present to monitor the counting process.

In the days after Election Day it appears that Democrats decided the election is over and along with the media declared Joe Biden the winner – we won, you lost – case closed.

Well not so fast you basement dwellers (I’m writing this from my basement so don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing). The election has what I will refer to as due process that must be allowed to complete before declaring anything.

Anyway the media came out and crowned Biden king for a day and gave him the title of “President-elect” and without delay that huge blue sign sprang up behind him saying “Office of the President-elect” as he called for President Trump to abdicate his office and immediately concede the election so the Biden transition team can gear up and get to work “building back better”. Biden and his team have begun acting as if he has already been sworn in.

I hate to burst your bubble but number one – Trump is still President #45 and until he leaves office there will never be #46. Secondly Biden is not president-elect because the popular vote was simply phase one of the election process. The votes must be verified, counted and certified by each state and forwarded to the federal election officials. In the meantime the legal challenges of a contested election must run through it’s due process phase and be settled before the Electoral College votes for a president and vice-president. The popular vote determines who the Electoral College electors will vote for on December 12th, 2020. Each state electors must vote, have it verified and certified and transmitted to Congress. Once the EC votes are received by Congress they must be verified, counted and then announced by the President Pro Temp of the Senate, then and only then will there be a president-elect. That must be done before Inauguration Day (January 20th, 2021).

I have read many reports, posts and blogs where writers say that Trump broke Dominion’s algorithm because of their absolute hatred, I disagree. The level of underhandedness during this election cycle is appalling and leads back to previous elections where Dominion equipment and software have been used and I wonder how many of those races were decided by a Dominion programmer who thought he was smarter than everybody else?

It’s no coincidence that Dominion is the name of the company that the Democrats rely on to insure they have their desired outcome. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven, he was sent to earth and given dominion over it. Hence when Eric Coomer created the Dominion voting software he was following the pattern of his spiritual father – Satan.

We are told in scripture our battle is not physical, but spiritual. The best way we can fight this battle is on our knees in prayer. So not only was the algorithm broken but the entire fraudulent process has been exposed by what I call a “God thing”. By that I mean that where man can create a mess like we are experiencing with elections, God saw it coming and answered the prayers of many by sending Donald Trump, who when faced with a storm, didn’t try to duck around it, but met it head on knowing that God is in control.

God broke the algorithm and only he can calm the storm. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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