My Take on “Dominion-izing the Vote”


My Take on “Dominion-izing the Vote”

On November 21st, 2020 OAN journalist Chanel Rion’s Investigative Report “Dominion-izing the Vote” aired on that cable news station. I recorded the program so I could examine the report and develop my own conclusion as to where Dominion Voting Systems equipment and/or software could be manipulated to “rig” the presidential election. What I learned was astounding.

I received my Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems Programming and Internet Development in 1999 and have been creating webpages using basic HTML code and using Microsoft products that make it extremely easy. I have also created C++ and the primitive Turbo Pascal code. Although I am far from an expert it was easy for me to see how easy it would be for someone to sabotage Dominion products and turn the election in any desired direction.

Think of it this way if you wrote a story, printed and passed it around to all your family and friends they would all be able to read it the same way. And if it came off the printer with an ink splot on a word or two they would have to determine what the intended word was? Some might call you, others wouldn’t and still others would simply insert what they thought the word was supposed to be, but they would all blame you for the error.

I read a statement from Dominion’s president saying it is virtually impossible for their machines to change any votes. Technically he is telling the truth – sort of. Dominion’s equipment are basically a unique computerized machine that uses specialized software and interfaces with other equipment and Windows based laptops to process, tabulate and store voting data for a precinct, county, state or nation where they are used.

Currently Dominion is being used in at least 24 states, many of the 3,141 counties in the US and 34 foreign countries around the globe since its creation in 2010 (or thereabouts) in Canada. Yes Dominion is a Canadian company with a US headquarters in Denver, Colorado and one thing I didn’t know was that in 2019 Dominion gave a Chinese bank ALL of their patents for “collateral”. There are 8 Election Machine Manufacturers certified by the US and of the top three it appears that Dominion may have an interest in two, if not all three. Now back to the investigative report.

According to software analyst Ron Watkins it is extremely easy for a hacker or an administrator to access Dominion’s equipment and using key commands built into the system make major and catastrophic changes to tabulated votes. One way he mentioned was someone breaking into a ballot storage warehouse steal a laptop and a “key” and then be able to go to work. It seems that someone did exactly that and one county with very profound numbers is one being contested by the Trump Campaign’s legal team.

So in answer to the Dominion president’s denial no the machine cannot change votes, however a software programmer, an election official, a supervisor or ordinary ballot counting worker can make significant changes to voter tabulations.

Ballots with discrepancies, marks or errors are kicked out of the system, examined and counted by hand or simply cast aside. Programming errors such as an incorrect character in a word can change vote outcome. An easy way is to misspell the word RepubIican on the ballot so that when the machine catches the error that vote is kicked out of the system. What about ballots pre-printed with a “shaded in” oval for a single candidate as opposed to an “outlined” oval?

As you can see from the examples mentioned above there are more ways to “rig” an election than you may have thought. It was noted that certain county ballot processing was halted without reason for a significant amount of time and selective party ballot watchers were asked to leave.

It was seen that on the early morning of November 4th 2020 in at least one county an unknown number of ballots in boxes and satchels were received for processing, well past the cutoff date and time and between 2 – 3:30 AM a significant shift in voter tabulations occurred.

It was noted that election officials in Democratic led states where Dominion was being used chose to count ALL ballots received, with or without verifiable signatures leading to a significant amount of illegal ballots being counted for the Democratic candidate.

The implications of misconduct to outright willful ignorance of US voting laws by Dominion and US Election officials is too strong to be ignored. A federal law enforcement task force should be assembled and launched immediately to conduct an audit of EVERY STATE election commission, warehouses and electronic voting equipment to determine the extent of corruption in US elections as states are going through the ballot certification process in preparation for the casting of Electoral College votes on December 12th, 2020.

As an aside, the implications of both Canada and China being guilty of election interference in the 2020 election. It is clear as Dominion is a foreign company in Canada and China holds the patents of Dominion voting machines and software. I don’t expect you to agree to my assessment. Do your own due diligence, watch the investigative report and ascertain for yourself whether election interference was not only possible, but extremely probable.

Elections in the United States are arguably the most important part of our Constitutional-Republic as our democratically elected officials at every level are essential for a better America.

America – We Are Worth It! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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