A Brit’s Perspective of the Turmoil Festering in America

A Brit’s perspective of the turmoil festering in America

https://gatesofvienna.net/2020/11/coup-detat-in-america-a-limey-viewpoint/ Baron Bodissey

This was written by a self-identified “outsider”[Paul Weston]. His perspective is well worth the time it takes to read this.

OK, the first thing to say is to apologize for the sheer cheek of some upstart limey like me commenting on the election in America, but I have to say something because I am sitting here in shocked astonishment looking at what appears to be an engineered tyrannical coup d’état against not just President Trump but against the very ideal of democracy itself.

I’m not going to go into the details of the numerous unprecedented issues of corruption and fraud surrounding this election because those details are many and some are already in the public domain anyway. I am simply going to observe that this is a monumental moment not just in the history of America but in the history of the world, and a monumentally catastrophic moment in terms of freedom, democracy, morality decency and honesty. Those who understand what is actually happening don’t need the whole thing spelled out to them, but those who think nothing terribly untoward is happening other than that President Trump is behaving badly, should listen carefully. Very, very carefully.

The world outside the democratic West is a very brutal place. No left-leaning liberal would wish to live in Saudi Arabia, or Sierra Leone, or countless other such places. No left leaning liberal would wish to have lived in Europe during most of the decades of the 20th century which saw so much devastation and death courtesy of political totalitarians seeking nothing more than power and nothing other than power.

These corrupt, totalitarian systems were finally defeated because America fought on the right side of good v evil, of freedom versus tyranny and did so at great sacrifice in terms of the many young men who never made it home again, who died in foreign fields and foreign seas in order to preserve freedom and democracy.

Yet here we are, toward the end of 2020 looking at the very real possibility of the breakdown of democracy in America itself. What would have been unthinkable for so long, over so many generations of Americans, can no longer be considered unthinkable. If this gross subversion of democracy is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner by the lawyers then I see no reason, no reason at all why America should not descend into violence and potential civil war in the worst case scenario, or simply lose all confidence in any future elections as a best case scenario — which can only and inexorably lead to the worst case scenario again.

Young, left-wing Americans will consider such a viewpoint insane, but young left-wing Americans know little of the brutality of the non-democratic parts of the world and little about just why that brutality never encroached upon their decadent lives.

They know nothing about Nazism, fascism, socialism or Communism. Indeed, they believe President Trump and the people who admire and respect Trump are Nazis and fascists all, whilst they believe socialism and communism to be pure and good. This type of brainwashed ignorance is extraordinarily dangerous in a people of any country because no matter their ignorance and no matter how wrong they are, they truly believe they are standing up for what is good, for what is right and for what is moral. And because they feel that they, and they alone hold the moral high ground, then all who oppose them are not just wrong, they are evil and when it comes to evil and the defeat of evil, then the ends justify the means — just as so many people amongst so many previous generations have similarly believed which is why the history book of the world is a history book of war, horror and atrocity.

What we are looking at today in America is just another iteration of purported good versus purported evil where the end justifies the means. President Trump is evil and must be removed scream the Left, but lacking the democratic means to remove him, he must instead be removed by any means necessary because the end justifies the means. The foolish, spoiled, decadent, ignorant little children in adult bodies who are now, right now engineering the coup d’état to remove President Trump are playing with fire. In their hazy, fuddled, naïve, closed minded thinking they feel there will be no real world consequences resulting from their action, but their naïveté is dangerously unlike the pragmatism of revolutionaries in the brutal and undemocratic parts of the world who know full well that if they fail in their coup they will be killed and if they win they will do the killing.

Destroying the democratic foundations of America will certainly have real world consequences. When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 the far-left cried Russian collusion and displayed their visceral hatred across the entire left-wing spectrum, but their anger wasn’t based on the undermining of democracy; their anger was merely that of the petulant, spoiled child denied a shiny bauble. Their anger was lukewarm, false, unjustifiable. Their anger was mere political posturing and they now think the anger of Trump supporters is the same — mere political posturing.

But how wrong they are. How dangerously wrong they are. The anger of Trump’s supporters is white hot, it is incendiary, it is real and it is entirely, eminently justifiable, and it is not the anger of the loser, it is the anger of the wronged and is about so much more than Trump, this is about the democratic future of the United States of America. When a country reaches the point of such legal corruption and such moral degeneracy that democracy can be overturned in full view of a complicit and unquestioning media and liberal establishment there is very little guarantee that democracy will ever recover. This is why the anger is at boiling point, and even now, the left cannot understand what they have done.

Before we settled into peaceful, democratic nations, power was decided by Kings, swords, and armies. Power rested with bloody battle and bloody victory. Democratic politics replaced battle and war in the West, but it has always been understood that democratic politics is war by other means and that if democracy is removed from politics then we can only go back to bloody battle and bloody war.

The trouble with the left-wing, especially the young and cossetted who have never experienced the horrors of war, is that they don’t understand this simple premise. They don’t understand the importance of democracy and thus they cannot appreciate the volcanic anger amongst those who would peacefully yet unhappily accept a fair political defeat, but who will never accept defeat if it comes from the grinding jackboot of a subverted democracy.

When one local gang squares off with another gang, the violence is quickly over. But when one half of a country squares off with the other, the violence is slow and sporadic in the beginning and just as in 1990s Yugoslavia the levels of violence and tit-for-tat reprisals build and build until finally a genuine civil war breaks out in all its primeval savagery and mass slaughter.

I don’t need to spell out the numbers of Americans with guns, but I do need, apparently, to point out that the anger of millions of armed Americans is being stoked to stratospherically dangerous levels and that these angry people are justifiably enraged. Many of you watching this video will hear my words resonate with your thoughts, and many supporters of the 2nd Amendment will right now be saying that the main, overriding reason for the 2nd Amendment is not to shoot deer but to defend America against a tyrannical government. Perhaps now is a good moment to say that in times of war our dead soldiers are always politely remembered for having died in the defense of democracy, but the dying part was never their intention. Their intention was to very impolitely kill the aggressors who wanted to impose a tyranny upon them and here we are today, in late 2020, looking at a scenario which consists of a tyrannical coup d’état in the face of a hundred million armed and angry Americans who are convinced their democratic rights have been trampled upon and subverted.

I hope and pray this will be resolved by the legal process, but I implore the Democrats, the left-wingers, the socialists and the communists to stop pretending what you have done is acceptable. It is not, and the consequences could be catastrophic both for you, for America and for the world. You are amongst the luckiest people ever to have existed on this planet. You represent a fleeting moment in time when you can live as no people before you have ever lived. Yet still you are unhappy. Cut off and cosseted from a world of brutality, poverty and misery you exist at the furthest extremity of decadence where your immense good fortune goes unrecognized and is instead replaced with a misplaced sense of bitterness, envy and hatred. You live in a wonderful country at a time of never before seen peace and prosperity, of freedom and democracy, yet you are now engaged in an action that could bring about the horrors of 20th century Europe. I am, as I say, an upstart limey, but this upstart limey is filled with a sense of foreboding and I beg you to stop what you are doing before the unthinkable becomes a physical reality. If you overturn democracy then America will become just another part of the brutal undemocratic world and if that happens nothing will ever, ever be the same again. END

17 thoughts on “A Brit’s Perspective of the Turmoil Festering in America

  1. The United states is the last stumbling block to the left’s dream of a global communist government . That America must be defeated and fall is a necessary step in their plan !

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  2. I hope that the Democrats haven’t lit a fuse for a Second Civil War that cannot be extinguished by our Courts. But I agree with the Truckmaster that the American right is feeling cheated and hears the left when they talk about lists of Trump supporters and re-education.


  3. I’m not sure I agree that there is a “white hot” anger. It’s more like a cold resignation as to what is going to be necessary. Sounds like a nit but I think its important as the first is purely emotional and can pass. The latter…there’s a commitment there.

    But maybe that’s just the people I know.


  4. If you believe in the second coming you will see that this is all part of the world order and that this is all of God’s plan and that He will be glorified in the end. Believe in Him and you shall be saved. Keep the faith


  5. Thank you for your great analysis. Yes, I hope and pray that this is not the prelude to a dangerous volcanic eruption on the part of those taken advantage of. It is a great tribute to Trump that despite the gross and rampant cheating unearthed, as usual denied by the irresponsible media but welknown to everyone else, he is following legal means and procedures to settle the conflict. God Bless America 🇺🇸


  6. And to all those of the spoiled Boomer generation who drink the toxic Kool Aide of the Left, if either of your parents served in the military during WWII, placing their lives on the line for the preservation of freedom in the world…….SHAME ON YOU!!!!


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