The Audacity of the Liberal Left


The Audacity of the Liberal Left

I take people at face value and trust that when you give your word you will keep it. Politics is more like amateurs attempting sleight of hand while talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time and we’re expected to believe them. I see politics as a necessary evil. I have tolerated the lying, cheating and double dealing as simply the way politics are done in Washington. I have painted all politicians across the board as corrupt and that has been a huge mistake on my part.

I realize that there are many factors involved in the packaging and presentation of politicians and political candidates. Some slick their hair back and like that used car salesman on the movie called “The World’s Fastest Indian” while others offer the sexy side of politics to woo voters with the most hair-brained schemes imaginable. Seasoned incumbents simply want you to vote for them again because they say so and after all that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway, right? To paraphrase Joe Biden “you ain’t black if you don’t vote democrat” or more to the point blacks don’t vote for Trump, but that’s a lie.

If the last four years have taught me anything it has been to read the fine print and in-between the lines any time a liberal politician speaks because most of the time they are simply lying. They will brag about how long they have served in congress, but blame the problems facing our nation on the one person not responsible for those problems and someone who hasn’t been in congress at all.

Liberals will tell you America has a racial problem. They will tell you that minorities are being targeted, discredited and held back from being all they can be. What these same liberals will not tell you is the reason American are being racially targeted is because liberals ARE the ones doing the targeting.

The 2020 Presidential Election is a prime example of democratic collusion, extortion, intimidation, ballot manipulation and software programming to insure specific liberal candidates win in selected and targeted states. These are not isolated incidents or software “glitches” as we’ve been led to believe, but a coordinated assault on the election process of our nation by and individual or groups of individuals.

The attack happened in darkness while America slept and would possibly have succeeded had the election infection not turned to a scale of greed our nation had never seen in politics. During the hours of American darkness the rest of the world watched as data manipulation happened live and right before their eyes on the internet.

It is impossible to “hide” data from public scrutiny unless the entire election process is locked down over a private and secure network and as the data dumps occurred they were recorded. One might be able to change the tabulated totals, but not the already recorded transactions that I have seen or the analysis I have read on the blatant and obvious fraud perpetuated on America by agents of the liberal left.

I am only one among many who want to see a full audit of EVERY AMERICAN VOTING PRECINCT for a full and transparent accounting of the 2020 election. And I want every single person held responsible for the deliberate misleading of Americans and the unlawful and unconstitutional acts of fraud and election interference committed to effect regime change in the United States.

How can any American, patriotic or not, fail to see the blatant abuse of power committed by elected officials across our nation? Even worse why would you even want to be a party to it? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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