14 Lessons of the COVID Lockdowns


14 Lessons of COVID Lockdowns

As we near the end of 2020 let me ask are there any lessons we have collectively learned about the COVID-19 lockdowns?

  1. COVID-19 strikes fear of the unknown “What If” into the heart of many.
  2. Protect the most vulnerable – isolate them in their care facilities, homes and hospital beds where COVID doesn’t go.
  3. Protect our young people – isolate them from school classrooms where COVID doesn’t venture.
  4. Protect families – isolate them from their churches as COVID thrives on singing praises to God.
  5. Protect Americans – isolate them from outdoor activity – hiking, fishing, hunting or walking in the park as COVID lurks around every corner.
  6. Protect workers – isolate them as a remote work from home force as COVID inhabits formal work places.
  7. Prevent indoor eating establishments – COVID has determined they are non-essential and should be closed.
  8. Prevent indoor gatherings – COVID shows up at birthday parties, weddings and funerals.
  9. Obey state and local mandates – government knows what is best.
  10. No Hand Shaking, Hugging or Embracing – COVID spreads that way, elbow bumping is Okay.
  11. Wear facial coverings – COVID is kept at bay by covering your mouth with a piece of cloth.
  12. The Facemask “Deniers” are to be shunned, hated and verbally attacked.
  13. Social Distancing – stay 6 feet away from everyone as COVID is transmitted by touching others.
  14. The truth on Social Media is to be believed entirely because they “Follow the Science”.

Have we learned anything from those 14 lessons?

I hate to burst your bubble but what I have learned from all of this:

  1. God is good. He is fully in control. Nothing surprises him. Nothing is so great that he cannot handle it. God loves me just as I am. Everything will be all right because I place my trust in him.
  2. Life is brief and we are not getting out of it alive.
  3. Government is the problem, not the answer.
    1. Mandates create an abuse of power that often leads to violating of the rights of citizens guaranteed under the US Constitution.
    1. Shutting down schools is a blessing as it forces us to go back to the basics with home schooling.
    1. Shutting down institutions of higher learning is forcing students to turn to vocational trade schools to learn real world job skills.
    1. Lockdowns – Isolating families, friends and strangers is not healthy. It is used in certain instances in correctional facilities and hospital wards for a limited time, but never advisable for mass populations to prevent the spread of viruses.

I have seen COVID-19 restrictions create fear and mass panic used as tools to control the uninformed public during a presidential election. I have seen this fear materialize through posts on social media as many attempts have been made to demonize anyone with a differing view point. My attempts to education readers promoting the use of common sense rationalization of events has been met with fierce resistance and name calling that doesn’t affect, hurt or change my position, but casts suspicions on the mindset of those who resort to that kind of online bullying through intimidation.

If you are one of those individuals – you’ve been played like a bad song. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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