Who Stole the Election of 2020?


Who Stole the Election in 2020?

I have a bit of a problem placing the blame on former Vice President Joe Biden or Senator Kamala Harris for election fraud.

Independent ballot watchers coming in to insure the vote counting was done on the up and up. In many cases they were unable to have access to have eyes on actual ballots. In some cases they were removed from the building in violation of state election laws. Furthermore whistleblowers (Election workers) have come forward with signed affidavits of election irregularities which violated state election laws and even naming specific precincts. Other indicators show massive amounts of electronic and physical ballot stuffing occurred in the early morning hours of November 4th through November 10th clearly violating the spirit and the letter of current election laws.

So yes I have a problem simply blaming Biden or Harris. I just don’t think they are that smart.

What I mean is for a major political party’s presidential campaign ticket that exerted minimal effort, drew even minimal crowds at campaign events and rarely campaigned together how in the world could they have organized, funded, coordinated or executed this amount of election fraud? That is maximum return for minimal effort and it just doesn’t compute.

They are just the tip of the iceberg.

I know that big money was involved and I’ve always said to follow the money. I also know that the resources of the federal government have been plenty proud of using covert tactics in order to affect regime change in foreign lands (Venezuela, Philippines, India, Nigeria and a host of other countries where it served US interests for elections tilted in favor of new but US-friendly leaders.

I’m thinking community organizing on a global scale. How is it that a Canadian firm with headquarters in Toronto and Denver had gotten so heavily into US federal and state elections in less than 20 years, then in 2019 turns over its US patents to a Chinese bank, and ultimately the corporation is sold to China for a reported sum of $400M just before the 2020 election without so much as raising any eyebrows?

 Can you spell election I N T E R F E R E N C E!

No this is not Russian misinformation or a conspiracy theory. Dominion Voting Systems was created in 2003, manufacturing election voting machines and election software, plus acquiring other vetted election equipment manufacturers to virtually hold a strangle hold and a monopoly on the US election market. Since Dominion’s creation in 2003 Democratic Party candidates have had huge successes in winning elections at state and national levels.

You tell me has this been just a coincidence?

The first hint that something was amiss occurred in the 2016 election when the plan had a hiccup and Donald Trump won the election.

Here we are in 2020 and the election was proceeding normally and tallies were being recorded. While Americans slept something strange occurred, but was seen and recorded by overseas audiences as it was happening. What Europeans saw occurring live on television and cable can only be described as a coordinated and unnatural data switch indicating massive election fraud during a 5 ½ hour period. When Americans awoke the morning of November 4th much of the switch had already been completed yet additional changes continued over the next 6 days.

I find it hard to believe that either or both Biden/Harris could have managed this.

As a software programmer I know that it is possible to alter or reprogram voting software by remote access over the internet. This would look like a “glitch” had taken place, when in fact software updates would have looked perfectly normal.

I also know that FBI resources should have been all over this at the first sign of irregularity. Why they were not is anybody’s guess unless someone in authority was actively complicit. In the course of subsequent investigations by the Trump campaign legal team, hundreds of whistleblowers and thousands of sworn statements have been collected that indicate something stinks.

I’m not a legal beagle or para-legal or in any way connected to a presidential campaign so as a patriotic American with a vested interest in the outcome of this election for the welfare of our nation I urge you to do your own due diligence, conduct your own investigation, uncover the facts for yourself and make your own unbiased opinion as to who stole the election. Don’t rely on the media that have muddied up the waters from the very start through their biased reporting of false, slanderous and unverified misinformation.

I tell you that one man or one woman can make a difference, but not sitting back and doing nothing. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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