Fact Checking the Facebook Fact Checkers Facts


Fact Checking the Facebook Fact Checkers Facts

We somebody had to do it so why not me? That’s right since Facebook has hired on political fact checkers like the ones on PolitiFact.com I decided to explore their fact checking facts. I’m just glad they are not IamOffended.com because there are way too many postings that offend than there are that report political false as fact facts.

I used a graph that showed President Trump having 410 & Biden having 128 EC votes as of the night of November 3rd and PolitiFact said it was wrong something about Germany viewers did not see that while America slept (close enough). The problem was that graph (picture) was not from the German viewers, so PolitiFact WAS WRONG.

Another article on PolitiFact.com was that the US military did not raid a Dominion company in Germany and seize election software. PolitiFact WAS WRONG AGAIN because US military Special Forces raided a CIA compound in Germany where they seized and removed Dominion election machines.

In fact they writers are not fact checkers at all, just bloggers like me hired to promote disinformation about President Trump and Joe Biden. So if you want to work for PolitiFact.com just go to their site and sign up. It’s just that easy.

Then you can have the privilege of fact checking postings by Trump supporters while ignoring those that say Joe Biden is president-elect or the 46th President of the United States WHICH IS FALSE. Do you know why it is false? Because there is no “office of the president-elect” except in Joe Biden’s basement, and furthermore there is no “46th President of the United States”. Not yet anyway because when President Trump is inaugurated on January 20th he will still be the 45th President.

This rant is really about Facebook taking the unprecedented step of biased political fact checking while allowing fake news postings. They hire a bunch of rookies (sorry real rookies for insulting your intelligence, they really do make you guys look bad) to take on those of us who are getting the real news out there.

To appease the fact checkers of PolitiFact.com I have posted pictures of what was actually going on while we in America was sleeping the night of November 3rd and early hours of November 4th. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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