Conditional Social Programming


Conditional Social Programming

It is my opinion that the far left Democrats are in full-blown panic mode since the 2020 election steal has failed. There has been too much social conditioning over the past 4 years that American’s should have given up by now. They have alleged that President Trump is a total and absolutely utter failure because he has not reacted to their vicious attacks as any self-respecting politician would.

It has been my observation that beginning with January 20th, 2017 the process of mass reorientation had already begun. The re-engineering of the main stream media was almost flawless. Every Trump tweet, live broadcast or major announcement was covered with misinformation and aimed to direct public sentiment against him.

The constitutional right to protest was misdirected from the start. Where the First Amendment protected the right to protest and address grievance against the government, what occurred was a personal vendetta against the man – Donald J. Trump in pure Alinsky fashion. Select the man not the institution of government, isolate him from all others and attack relentlessly and without mercy until he folds. As others come to his defense they too become unwitting targets of opportunity.

The school and mass shootings were turned into police incompetence and more specifically the fault of one man – Donald J. Trump another Alinsky tactic. Ramped up by defund the police rhetoric and mass hysteria created by media hype it turned many against him. Anti-Trump marches disguised by colorful pink hats, women screaming my body, my choice and more funding Planned Parenthood took the stage as a staged attack on one man – Donald J. Trump. There were protests against Trump administration appointments of cabinet officials and organized disruptions within public school systems and on public streets where insults and disrespectful shouts were meant to drive officials out of office.

Not to mention the pre-planned Russia Collusion hoax that drug out for 3 years with no evidence of collusion for the Trump campaign. Then there were the border convoys that assaulted the US Southern Border with Mexico, timed to coincide with various elections or downplay actions of the Trump administration. There was the wall, meant to secure the border and prevent unlawful entry from Mexico and what happened had American lawyers’ crossing over into Mexico to coach migrants on how to circumvent US immigration questions and plea for asylum. These lawyers clearly violated immigration laws by their action and intent.  The media spun these events to push the Democratic hyperbole that this was all the fault of one man – Donald J. Trump.

Not to mention the Impeachment process that was ill prepared in a bid to force one man – Donald J. Trump from office when he questioned the illegal actions of former vice president Joe Biden interfering to have a Ukrainian special prosecutor fired before he could investigate a company that his son Hunter Biden was on the board, clearly a violation of US law.

The latest to befall the US was the China Virus, its introduction into the US and the subsequent fast-tracking of manufacturers and resources to combat it in America. Yet even the mobilization of Federal Reserve assets, fast-tracking medical antidotes and attempts to reassure Americans not to panic, saying that the cure must not be worse than the virus fell on deaf ears as Democratic lead cities and states began shutting down America to slow the spread. Every wrong decision hurt Americans and permanently shut down businesses that were labeled non-essential. The trend continues today. Natural disasters of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Typhoons and wild land fires all took a toll on already stressed Americans but the blame always returned to one man – Donald J. Trump.

The past year was campaigning prior to the 2020 Presidential Election where one man – Donald J. Trump held rallies in multiple cities and states almost daily with record breaking crowds showing up hours and even days in advance to hear him speak. Joe Biden rallies barely drew a crowd of more than 10 people, even with Barack and Michelle Obama campaigning for Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the days since November 3rd Americans have been led to believe that the Biden/Harris team out-voted the Trump/Pence team my millions of votes and we are to believe that as of November 4th Biden is the president-elect and even the 46th POTUS when the election process has yet to be completed. The social media and main stream media pundits continue to push this fake information even as court challenges are being waged by the Trump legal team. As I have said from the start – wait for January 20th and see which one will be inaugurated as you might be surprised by one man – Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States. Four More Years – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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