I Carry The Torch For Freedom


I Carry The Torch For Freedom

For those of you who say I carry the torch about Trump still winning have missed the point of my posts entirely. I write to inform. The only torch I carry is for FREEDOM. Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

As expected during a presidential election tensions are high and each candidate wants to win. But winning isn’t everything and winning at all cost isn’t winning at all. If you have to fudge the numbers or cheat to win it would be better not to even run for political office and in particular the office of President of the United States.

Everyone should by now be aware that there are two parts to a presidential election. The popular vote and the Electoral College vote. Many may remember the contested election of 2000 between Vice President Al Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush where we were introduced to the “chads” – “dimpled chads” “pregnant chads” and the infamous “hanging chads” in Florida and went to the SCOTUS. Does anyone remember a Gore presidency? No, me neither.

In the 2020 election we saw that President Trump won the popular vote and was projected to win the Electoral College as of the night of November 3rd before America went to sleep.

During the hours of darkness election and voter fraud was introduced into the equation by organized and orchestrated person(s) and nobody was the wiser. America awoke to a totally different outcome that some have said could only happen through fraud.

When fraud is detected the proper remedy is for one side or the other to call a contested election to contest the results and let the process take its course which Trump did and what happened next was Trump being hammered as the bad guy for contesting the election. THAT is his right and WHAT HE IS CONSTITUTIONALLY BOUND TO DO. Contesting an election is done through a legal team and taken if necessary all the way to SCOTUS.

On the morning of November 4th through November 11th Biden was being called the president-elect (not referred to as even the projected president-elect). He showed up sporting his big blue banner and podium sign that read “the Office of the President-Elect” and then the media began calling him president-elect, even calling him the 46th President of the United States and this was before the Electoral College had even voted.

The legal process of contesting the election results has phases, court briefs and such. As each contested state court dismisses or refuses to hear the case, it goes to a higher court, until it is presented to the SCOTUS. Does that make sense?

On the surface SCOTUS refused to hear the case and said it should be settled by state legislatures according to each state constitution. Under the surface Chief Justice Roberts felt intimidated by threats of rioting should SCOTUS take the case AND TOLD THE OTHER JUSTICES HOW THEY WOULD VOTE – not to take the case. What we were told was that it was a state issue that had to be settled by state legislature.

The Electorates voted on December 15th and their votes were sealed to be sent to congress. What happened 2 days ago was that Senate Majority Leader McConnell instructed Senate Republican Caucus members NOT to contest the EC votes on January 6th. McConnell then congratulated president-elect Biden for his victory over President Trump. This was premature and totally unconstitutional as the EC votes had been sealed at the states level and had yet to be certified by congress.

On January 6th a joint session of congress will convene with the vice president presiding. The EC votes will be opened to be counted and confirmed by congressional vote to be accepted by congress. In the event 1 Representative and 1 Senator do not accept the EC votes it changes everything. At that point a delegation of 1 vote per state will vote to determine the president-elect and vice president-elect.

As you can see at this point in time there is no president-elect or vice president-elect. If there were then Senator Kamala Harris would be required to resign from the US Senate immediately. That has not happened so Joe Biden could be referred to as the projected president-elect and Kamala Harris could be referred to as the projected vice president-elect and not it’s not just semantics.

I have urged people to wait until January 6th to see who congress confirms as president-elect but I now see that political corruption may have a negative impact on this part of the election process as well.

I continue to urge people to wait until January 20th which is Inauguration Day.

Chief Justice Roberts said “there were no rioting in 2000” so doesn’t that mean the threat of ANTIFA rioting has intimidated the highest court in the land – the SCOTUS? And when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell telephonically called the Republican Caucus and told them not to contest the EC vote, did he also feel threatened by potential riots?

ANTIFA is more than an idea – it’s the organized strong arm of the Democratic far left. ANTIFA has threatened many times and followed through with rioting in cities across the nation, including in Washington DC seemingly with impunity. What has been done to stop them? What legal punishment have they undergone?

The media wants you to believe that Trump will not leave office and that’s a flat out lie. You are being led to believe that if Trump gave the word his supporters would take up arms to back him up and that too is a lie. Trump has stood solidly for the Second Amendment’s right to own and bear arms, but never for a second has he advocated for or encouraged any person or group of persons to rise up against his political enemies.

Do I personally think that a Joe Biden presidency will destroy our nation? Yes, with his lifetime in politics as a perfect example of what he has already done as a Senator and as Vice President I do not see how he can do anything except fall back on failed policies of the past, which he has promised to do and he has no vision for making our country better.

Do I think Biden would last through a 4 year term as president? No I do not. And should a vice president like Kamala Harris assume the presidency and based on her lifetime experience that does not measure up either. She has no vision of a better America and her political experience is flawed at best.

The Constitution as written is the rule of law but is not infallible because men are fallible human beings and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We are seeing our weakest links being exposed.

American’s have prayed for God to save our nation and heal our land then when he answers those prayers we collectively tell God he made a mistake with Trump and want things back like before. I wouldn’t be surprised if God let us have our way again?

Freedom is a commodity that is only found in a free society like here in the United States of America. It’s been said that you can vote your way into communism, but have to shoot your way out. Freedom isn’t free, but purchased with the blood of men and women like you and me in faraway lands and here on our homeland. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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