On What My Brother Said


On What My Brother Said

For the past 4 years I have written about the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and how I believe that he was chosen by God for such a day as this and many people have a problem with it because they don’t think God would chose this sinner among sinners to be President of the United States. Could they be wrong? Or more to the point could God have made a mistake? The answer to those and other pertinent questions may be found in “The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography” but you’ll have to search.

Beginning in Chapter 17 – Mr. Cyrus Meets Wrecking Ball we get a glimpse of what God is about to do and believe me he didn’t chose a namby-pamby sissie for what would turn out to be a most difficult task. Donald J. Trump is by all accounts a self-made man, a ladies-man and a successful business tycoon who doesn’t settle for second best. He is a man who is driven and focused on success by his own standards. Trump’s life parallels that of many American “Christians” who go to church on Easter and Christmas, but have no real relationship or intimate knowledge of the God who created the heavens and the earth by speaking them into existence. So when a Texas business man prophesied to Donald J. Trump that he would become the 45th President of the United States to stop evil and to be a sword to the spirit of political correctness, who would have known? The 45th POTUS coincides what God saw in Trump and with what God referenced in Isaiah 45 about King Cyrus who knew of God but did not know God.

My brother Jered Wilson said it this way:

Did you ever hear of Nebuchadnezzar? He was a Babylonian king, not a Jew or Christian in the least, but God used him to bring judgement against the Jews. God used the Meade king Cyrus to preserve the Jews. Nothing about God using Trump indicates Trump is a moral heavy weight. The drunkard Ulysses S. Grant was used to defeat the south. But regardless of all that, Joseph J Wilson Jr’s posts are not about Trump vs Biden per se but about the direction of this country. The Trump haters are so full of disdain for him that they would vote to let the country be destroyed rather than even look at anything he has done with an open mind. Reminds me of the Jews who screamed “let his blood be upon us and our children” just crucify him, and only because they too were filled with such hate & venom. Surely enough they and their children bore the weight of that decision 40 years later in 70 AD when Titus destroyed Jerusalem in terrible fashion. But hey, go on hate Trump, listen to ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN and be filled with their lies and omissions of truth. Joseph J Wilson Jr is not in this for the debate but to share the truth, if you don’t agree, then you don’t agree, nobody is twisting your arm or making you read his post’s. – Jered Wilson

Someone once said to me that this is a terrible time to be alive and I disagree. This is a most exciting time to be alive and we have a front row seat in the making of history that correlates to the end times mentioned in the book of Revelations.

We have witnessed miraculous and historical events and times that other generations have only talked about, yet had never occurred before. Take moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem or the Abraham Accord peace talks between Israel and 4 Middle Eastern nations in the region; stopping evil began with ISIS reign across various regions of the world; and then the creation of the US Space Force a separate branch in the Department of Defense to protect our nation against spacial attacks; and combatting the China Virus as COVID began invading our nation and its citizens leading to fast-tracking a vaccine in weeks rather than years – miracles all in their own right. Then as a last ditch effort was the concerted effort to hijack the election in the middle of the night and the days preceding November 3rd that is aimed at removing President Trump from office at any cost.

What is crystal clear is that God knew what he was doing when he chose Donald J. Trump and furthermore Trump had only to be obedient and available. Time and again we have watched politicians jump around on the political checkerboard while Trump is playing Chess.

Followers of Christ know that being in the perfect will of God is where not only does God prepare the way but he walks through the fire with you while nobody or nothing the devil throws can harm you. It is painful to watch those who claim the title of “Christian” fight tooth and nail attempt to outsmart and overturn what God is doing. They call him Father, while trashing the one he sent in answer to their prayers, much like 2,000 years ago when God sent his only begotten son Jesus. Those who do not know nor claim to follow Christ have only themselves to blame. They are sheeple and at best somebody’s useful idiots because they are not grounded in the Word but believe every word and hair brain idea that is fed to them.

As I said earlier God chose Donald J. Trump for a specific purpose and until that purpose has been completed there is nothing that can stop him. I haven’t said whether God will continue to use Trump for another 4 years or not, but until his mission is complete I wouldn’t get in front of the Trump train or you might just get rolled over and straightened out. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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