I Told You So – On Jenna Ellis Announcement


I Told You So – On Jenna Ellis Announcement

You may have erroneously thought the election ended with the popular vote or that once the Electoral College voted it was a done deal. Yet for several weeks now I have been urging everyone to wait for the election process to draw to a conclusion. We’re almost there, but not quite.

Beginning on November 4th the Democrats made it clear that Joe Biden was the president-elect and Kamala Harris was the vice president-elect. Joe Biden even called for unity and demanded President Trump concede and begin the transition process, he wasn’t happy when it didn’t happen.

Although Congressional Democrats have refused to work with President Trump over the past four years they are all too happy to accommodate one of their own – former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden. That should tell you something about what is in store for America under a Biden presidency.

I’m surprised at the number of people who see the process of contesting an election as a sore loser instead of part of the Constitutional process of a presidential election. If you’ve followed my blog posts you will notice that I continually include a link to the official timeline for the 2020 election.

On July 6, 2020 the Supreme Court ruled that state laws penalizing or replacing faithless electors are constitutionally valid.

We’ve already completed the Nomination and Election Campaign Timeline of nominating candidates for the debates, the national conventions and presidential and vice presidential debates.

On November 3, 2020 the General Election’s casting of in person or mail in ballots for president and vice president was completed and the election results were contested by President Trump. We’ve seen court filings at various states Supreme Courts and a filing at the Supreme Court which they declined to hear.

On December 15, 2020 the Electoral College Timeline was completed when the EC votes were cast, certified and sealed to be delivered by special courier to the US Congress by December 23, 2020.

As we have seen there is a lot of political pressure to try and hurry the process along or to get one side to concede the election. There have been extraordinary amounts of pressure put on the Supreme Court and Members of Congress to not “rock the boat” and let things slide. However that is not how the Constitution was written, in fact the process is working properly.

Updated October 22, 2020

The Electoral College: A 2020 Presidential Election Timeline

December 23, 2020: Certificates Must Be Delivered to the Designated Officials

Certificates of electoral vote results must be delivered to above mentioned officers by the fourth Wednesday in December, in 2020, by December 23 (3 U.S.C. §12).

Failure to Deliver Certificates by December 23

If the certificates from any state have not been delivered by December 23, 2020, the President of the Senate, or in their absence the Archivist, is required to request the secretary of state or equivalent officerin that state to send one of the copies they hold to the President of the Senate by registered mail (3 U.S.C. §12, 13). The Code also directs themto send a messenger to the judge of the U.S. district court in the state directing the judge to transmit the certificatethey hold by “hand …to the seat of government.”

January 6, 2021: Joint Session of Congress to Count Electoral Votes and Declare Election Results Meets

On January 6, or another date set by law, the Senate and House of Representatives assemble at 1:00 p.m. in a joint session at the Capitol, in the House chamber, to count the electoral votes and declare the results(3 U.S.C. §15). The Vice President presides as President of the Senate. The Vice President opens the certificates and presents them to four tellers, two from each chamber. The tellers read and make a list of the returns. When the votes have been ascertained and counted, the tellers transmit them to the Vice President. If one of the tickets has received a majority of 270 or more electoral votes, the Vice President announces the results, which “shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons, if any, elected President and Vice President.”

Joint Session Challenges to Electoral Vote Returns

While the tellers announce the results, Members may object to the returns from any individual state as they are announced. Objections to individual state returns must be made in writing by at least one Member each of the Senate and House of Representatives. If an objection meets these requirements, the joint session recesses and the two houses separate and debate the question in their respective chambers for a maximum of two hours. The two houses then vote separately to accept or reject the objection. They then reassemble in joint session, and announce the results of their respective votes. An objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded. For additional information, see CRS Report RL32717, Counting Electoral Votes: An Overview of Procedures at the Joint Session, Including Objections by Members of Congress, coordinated by Elizabeth Rybicki and L. Paige Whitaker.

January 20, 2021: Presidential Inauguration

On this date, the President and Vice President are to be inaugurated. The Twentieth Amendment set the date for inaugurations as January 20, beginning in 1937. Since 1981, the ceremony has, with one exception, been held on the West Front of the Capitol. The Vice President takes the oath first, followed at noon by the President.

From Jenna Ellis…

“Today, the electoral college votes will be sealed and sent by special carrier to Washington where they will remain sealed until January 6th when the House and Senate will come into a joint session to open the votes. The media is going to make you believe that it’s all over and Joe Biden is now officially president…

On January 6th, Nancy Pelosi will sit down with the rest of the House members as she has no special power or authority over the hearing… Vice President Mike Pence will have all the authority as president of the Senate for that day and will accept or reject motions to decide the next steps by the assembly.

Remember… Mike Pence is in full authority that day as written in the Constitution. The ballots will be certified today but that means nothing…

The votes will be opened and at that point, one House member could, and most likely will, raise their hand to object to the Vice President on the state of elector’s votes. That objection could cover fraud or any other reason, and with the seconding of that objection, everything changes. Everything!!

The House and Senate will divide for two hours (at least) to debate, then vote. The vote will be per Senator with the Vice President being the deciding vote if needed in the Senate, while the vote in the House will only be ONE vote per delegation, per state, not per House member!!! The Republicans have 30 delegation votes compared to the Democrats with 20 delegation votes.

If this scenario runs true, President Trump gets re-elected.

The Democrats, the media, social networks, and globalists around the world will come unhinged and chaos will erupt. Bigly.

President Trump is trying to do the right thing and go through the courts first, expose all the fraud, but we all knew that none of the courts, even the Supreme Court wanted to touch this issue with a 10-ft pole!

This is why our forefathers were so brilliant because they knew something like this could happen someday. So, don’t listen to the media and all their deception and lies. All you have to do is read the Constitution and you know that the law, policies and procedures in the end are on our side.

Tic Toc… Tic Toc…

As you might well imagine the nation is poised to know for sure who the president-elect and vice president-elect will be. Will President Trump win his bid for reelection? Or will it be former Vice President Biden?

I don’t know about you but I’m not quite tired of winning yet. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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