An Open Letter to Our Congressional Leadership


An Open Letter to Our Congressional Leadership

Dear Madam Speaker and Majority Leader,

I doubt that you will ever know me or care about what I have to say about your conduct or congressional leadership style so let me go out on a limb for my fellow countrymen as I say that I believe you have forgotten why you were sent to Congress in the first place.

In the years since you first walked into the chamber of your elected office you went from a fireball with grandiose ideas of a politician that keeps your word to a politician so wrapped up in your self-importance that you have forgotten the little guy. Do you even remember the campaign promises you made during your first run for public office? I suspect it was something like “Vote and send me to congress and I’ll fight for you.” I’m probably not that far from hitting the nail on the head.

We are not that different you and I. We might have grown up in different eras or different parts of the country but we have fought for mom, apple pie and freedom in our own special ways. We have saluted the flag as we came to work. We have tried to instill a sense of worth and excellence to every project by signing our name. We swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies yet today by your actions you have abandoned that oath. You have made it your mission to stand in opposition to the very principles you claim to hold dear.

I have watched you puff up as your feathers have been ruffled because you allowed yourself to be so offended that you have discredited yourself in front of the nation and the world with your distain for one man no better and no worse than you. A man who has stepped in the gap when he could have very well stepped on any golf course in the world without a care, yet he chose to stand up for the little guy, that same little guy you have forgotten. It is THAT little guy for whom you pledged and promised to fight for. It is that little guy. It is for ME who you work for – John Q. Public an American taxpayer and a registered voter who has voted in every election for you to make me proud and to make America a safer and a better place for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and generations yet to come.

I urge you. No I implore you to stop trying to prove your self-importance to everyone in Congress and in government. Prove yourself to me and my fellow countrymen. Walk in my shoes. Look out for my welfare. Protect my family. Do it for me.

Your shame has been made public for everyone to see. You have disrespected others without a second thought. You have used and I dare say abused the public trust, my trust in you by publicly tearing up an important document in the House during a Joint Session of Congress. You have remained silent when America needed you to speak up. You have spoken up at a time when you should have exercised your right to remain silent.

You have placed personal financial gain and profit ahead of the welfare of this nation and people like me who placed our trust in you to do what is right. When given an opportunity to protect the unborn you have waffled and fought for more funding for abortion clinics, at the expense of countless future generations of American citizens for what gain? When given an opportunity to protect our nation against wave after wave of unlawful and illegal immigration you have fought for the complete opposite.

I ask that you forget the petty posturing and get down to the business of working with the sitting President no matter his political party affiliation for the betterment of America. I also ask that when you can no longer serve MY needs as an American taxpayer that you tender your resignation and go home with pride for doing your best or in shame for failing to do exactly that.

In the eyes of Americans you are expendable. A replaceable resource that can and will be replaced by the next fireball patriotic American citizen who will fight for the rights of ALL Americans regardless of political party or persuasion. God Bless America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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