Simple Mathematics Even Liberals Should Understand


Simple Mathematics Even Liberals Should Understand

I should have titled this RTM as How to Understand Liberal logic, but that seems to be a lost cause all by itself, yet often their answers need to be followed through to a logical conclusion. A recent comment asked “What do you do with ALL of the down ballot GOPErs who got elected on those same ballots?? Throw them out??” I guess in his own way these were probably the only really good questions that came out of his rant.

So let’s just say that there are approximately 331,828,037 citizens in the US as of the most recent census. Out of that there are 235M eligible voters in the US. Some voters are Democrats, Republicans, Independents or Unaffiliated and we must not forget those who are Ineligible.

Next we must look at how many in person, absentee or mail in ballots were cast on November 3rd (Election Day) as early reports indicated that 69M votes were cast? Then how many ballots were counted after Election Day? Just to be fair how many ballots were counted or scanned more than once?

Next how many votes for Trump?

How many votes for Biden?

It seems preposterous that on November 3rd local state Governors and both state and US Congress members could be declared on time, yet no declaration of a winner for POTUS and VP and as the wrangling continued so did the increase in number of ballots counted? I don’t even think that there is any legitimate way to determine those numbers at this time, unless a real audit of every ballot in every state could be done.

331,828,037 – US Population

235,000,000 – Eligible Voters

  69,000,000 – Votes Cast in 2020

  • Democratic votes cast
  • Republican votes cast
  • Independent votes cast
  • Unaffiliated votes cast
  • Ineligible votes cast
  • Trump votes
  • Biden votes

So how does one candidate claim to be the president-elect prior to January 6th when a joint session of Congress will unseal, read, approve or disapprove each Electoral vote before announcing the president-elect?

And how does the President of the United States become simply “candidate”?

How does the Democratic Congress get away with ignoring the President while holding one of their alumni up as the shining example for all to follow before January 20th when the inauguration and swearing in of the President of the United States?

More importantly how does someone holding a non-office get away with demanding anything from the one holding the office of President of the United States?

I don’t care if you like or dislike any or both candidates for the office of President of the United States, but to buy into this fallacy is simply absurd. There can only be one president at a time. That is why one leaves public office and public life so as not to interfere in the affairs of state or the administration of the Executive Branch.

So why is it that we hear more from POTUS 44 during the campaign than we did over his 8 years in office? And why did it take so long for Mr. Obama to endorse Mr. Biden for the office he so carefully kept him away from during his 2 terms in office? Maybe an even bigger question was why did former Secretary Hillary Clinton not step in at an appropriate time and challenge her 2016 opponent to secure the notoriety of the first woman to become President of the United States? After all she won the popular vote, right? Maybe it was the same way that the 2020 popular vote?

I don’t have all the answers for many of the questions being asked today. I’m not a nuclear physicist, a medical doctor, an astronaut or a brain surgeon. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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