Deranged Lunatic Dictator


Deranged Lunatic Dictator

I’ve heard or rather read comments from a number of people whom I don’t know and judging from their comments about President Trump they don’t know him either. What it tells me is that they are simply parroting talking points from the far left media. I can see them using these kinds of terms when talking about former Vice President and presidential wannabee Joe Biden or Senator Kamala Harris, but they don’t.

So let me dispel some rumors and clear up some terms with a few basic facts. I know in today’s “modern” times facts really don’t have any bearing or relevance, so I’ll try and type r-e-a-l s-l-o-w so you can keep up, okay? Okay!  

First President Trump was elected for 4 years from 20 January 2017 until 20 January 2021.

Second former Vice President Biden has not been made president-elect, nor does he have any official office of the president-elect. Only a deranged person would stake that claim or even try and “back him up” on that claim.

Thirdly Senator Kamala Harris’ husband is not referred to as the Second Gentleman although I doubt that he’s anywhere close to that title in her life, even at this point.

I define a deranged lunatic as someone who holds onto that which he does not have and attempts to berate the one who has it to give it up for the sake of national unity, while threatening to institute a number of control measures that will keep the national population locked up, masked up and isolated from their now non-essential businesses that could afford at least a meager family income. I give you Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his vast political experience coupled with her lack of it make them exactly the wrong people for the highest offices of the land. I’ve heard Obama say that Mr. Trump should be escorted out of the White House by Secret Service. So I ask was that Sir, how you left the White House in 2017? I think not. I’ve also heard from Ms. Waters that he should be dragged out by his hair. Ms. Pelosi says he should be dragged out by his itty bitty hands. Others have suggested the use of the military to evict him from the White House.

Now for those who call President Trump a dictator. It’s obvious that they have no idea what a dictator is or what one even does. So let me just say – take a look at Argentina or North Korea or China or Russia or any number of countries where the national “leader” is for lack of a better term “elected for life” and anyone who objects is summarily sent to the salt mines or executed.

So are they suggesting that President Trump declare a state of national emergency and call Marshal Law, Suspend the Constitution and declare he is now “President-for-life”? Isn’t that what our lifetime members of Congress have done, die in office after a lifetime of uselessness in Congress?

I mean after all we have just endured a disgraceful Presidential Election where the opposition party (Democrats) have stretched and bent election rules that we didn’t know existed, making it perfectly legal to electronically and physically stuff ballots, alter outcomes and “adjust” irregularities or “glitches” that plague Dominion Voting Systems software and machines? So maybe playing hardball is simply turning the tables on the bad guys (Democrats) who find no fault doing it unto others?

I know many of you were hoping I’d crawl into a hole and let bygones be bygones. That’s just not how I roll. I have been engaged with a number of other issues that have had my full attention and kept me pretty well preoccupied.

So I’ll leave with this little tidbit that you won’t find on the national or local news – JOE BIDEN IS NOT PRESIDENT ELECT. Also SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS HAS NOT RESIGNED HER SEAT IN CONGRESS. So that means only one thing – THE ELECTION PROCESS IS FAR FROM OVER!

If I were a betting man I’d say 2 to 1 odds on President Donald J. Trump being inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. But first January 6th is right around the corner. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


2 thoughts on “Deranged Lunatic Dictator

  1. Good points, all of them. It’s all on the line come Jan. 6th. The whole enchilada and all the fixins. Every morning, I wake up, and that’s a good thing. I am greeted with a feeling of ” what the hell is going to happen today?”


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