In Your Face

What would you think if I wore a facemask with the words WHITE LIVES MATTER              ? Would you be offended, intimidated or simply shrug it off by saying, “Oh that’s nice”? Or would anyone even notice?

I bring that up because of a recent trip to a local military exchange facility. I was walking through the store looking for my wife when suddenly a very large black man came into the store wearing a BLACK LIVES MATTER facemask and nobody seemed to take notice. I wouldn’t have noticed either except he crossed just in front of me and that got me to thinking.

I’ve been told that thinking can get you into trouble faster than a pileup on I-25.

The entire year of 2020 was non-stop, in-your-face BLACK LIVES MATTER activism that drew attention to what some people wanted to get across that the lives of blacks in America matter and I get that. The problem wasn’t or isn’t that black lives don’t matter. Of course they do, ALL LIVES MATTER, just not to criminals who are often black, and some police officers who probably shouldn’t be police officers at all.

Then the hijacking of the BLM movement by the likes of Antifa and others in places like Portland and Seattle took on a whole new meaning as events unfolded in Minneapolis in what seemed to be an unfortunate and overly exploited incident resulting it the death of a black man clearly in police custody.

Bye the end of the year BLM leadership wanted complete separation from Antifa as the escalating and prolonged violence upstaged the intent of the BLM movement in the first place. Yet it seemed that the movement took on a life of its own when mayors began painting BLACK LIVES MATTER on city streets, most prominently in New York City, in front of Trump Towers because it was the President’s. Also the mayor of Washington D.C. painted it on the street not far from the Capitol Building and the White House also a biased attempt to draw attention because of her hatred of President Trump. All the time this was happening Antifa was using BLM as a cover for harassing and conducting violence against Trump supporters with impunity. Yet American’s refused to acknowledge we were and still are in a raging race war across our nation. It is still being fueled by the stigma of the BLM movement where the arm of Antifa incites violence even into 2021.

Racial hatred leads to violence. We’ve seen it in the political correctness of the WOKE movement as well where removing history is supposed to make things better? We sanction removing “objectionable” statues, renaming offensive names on streets, cities and military bases because someone said they were offensive – and the race war continues as Congress declares gender words and terms are also offensive and banned. Once you give someone an inch, the want to take a mile.

How do we stop this nonsense? We start by not allowing this to continue. We stop dividing up our nation by race, color, creed or ethnicity. Our nation was founded on freedom to live in peace while striving for the American dream. If America is a boat, we’re all in it together – so act like it.

Do not accept this division by skin color. There are cable network programs aimed directly at the black community and there are others for Spanish speakers, but when in your face racism is accepted as the new normal we have let it go too far. Stop the hyphenation of Americans and treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Love you neighbor as we love our selves as it is written in the good book. Love you enemies while you keep them at arm’s length, until they have become your friends. We are all in this human race to the finish and I guarantee that you will not get out alive. Maybe we need to wear a facemask or covering that declares WE ALL MATTER! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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