Sifting Through The Smoke While Passing The Mirrors


Sifting Through The Smoke While Passing The Mirrors

American’s have been told the darkest day in America was January 6th 2021 when literally thousands of Trump supporters ravaged the nation’s Capital building. We were told that President Trump wanted to actively participate but couldn’t.

We were also told that Trump failed to speak out against the violence and that is why with less than 2 weeks remaining on his term in office Congressional leaders are calling for his resignation OR ELSE they will begin another historical first, Trump’s second impeachment. I don’t know about you but in my 71 years I’ve never seen Congress move so fast on ANYTHING.

President Trump denounced the violence as it occurred on January 6th and in the days afterward (that was only 3 days ago). His recorded message was posted on Twitter and promptly taken down. The official POTUS account on Twitter was first suspended and then permanently banned as Twitter felt it would “risk further incitement of violence”.

So for the President of the United States to be banned, while congressional leaders and members of congress, foreign adversaries of the USA  and anyone in general who is not a Trump supporter are still free to post on Twitter, Facebook or on Google platforms is Okay?

There are even open discussions about ridding America of “Trump Supporters” and since a majority of us are bible believing Christians will they next be rounding us up like the Nazi’s did the Jews? I’m sure that will play out well…….not. Many of us are hunters, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, veterans and active duty military. We are people who know how to live off the land and more importantly how to conduct guerilla warfare when pushed into a corner. So keep pushing……you won’t like when we push back.

What happened to the calls for national unity and coming together from the incoming Biden administration? Where is the denouncement of impeachment talks in Congress? Oh I’ve heard several coming from congressional Republicans, but nothing from Democrats and still nothing from Biden or Harris. By the way has Harris resigned her seat in the Senate as required by law upon being elected to another political office? The Constitution says she must, so did she? Or will she? I suspect she is not too sure that she’s going anywhere or we’d have already heard from her. (It must be hard giving up all that power she doesn’t have in the Senate in order to take all that power she still won’t have as a vice president.)

Well I’ll have you know that I’ve been to Asian fish markets in the past and the smell was horrendous, yet not nearly as much as what’s coming out of the halls of congress, the fake news and social media. In case you’re wondering I have considered pulling out of social media all together. Yes it’s tempting but then who would speak up for those without a voice? Besides as many consider me a thorn in the flesh or a pain in the neck someone needs to stick around in order to keep you grounded with common sense (it is in short supply on social media).

While many heard President Trump “we’ve exhausted all avenues” in his contesting of the election fraud and “there will be a peaceful transition of power” I’m sure many were happy to hear he won’t be going to the inauguration on January 20th. I’m just as sure many didn’t actually hear what the President actually said or caught his meaning.

What I do know is that while congress is used to intimidating and threating politicians until they fold like an accordion, I’ve never see President Trump cower in a corner or run from a fight. As a matter of fact President Trump will be president until he leaves office. He will conduct the office of the presidency as he sees fit. Unlike Biden who has used an office that doesn’t exist to project himself out to Americans and to the world as someone he is not, while even his running mate is questionable.

As I have said before wait until the inauguration……it’s coming! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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