The Vendetta Continues


The Vendetta Continues

I’ve been told to sit quietly by and let nature take its course when it comes to Trump. I even gave that bit of advice a little thought – before snapping out of it and coming to my senses.

It appears that Biden’s premature call for national unity was nothing but a sham. Congressional House Dems have openly discussed a national Trump Supporter Registry and media political heads are now talking about ridding the nation of Trump Supporters. Do you think they are kidding? Do you think I’m kidding? Exactly how do they envision doing that – Storm troopers? And they are the ones calling President Trump and his supporter’s fascist.

Even now after the fateful distraction of January 6th where one American was killed and several others injured what have we heard or seen of those responsible for the violence perpetuated in the nation’s Capital building? Several anarchists have been photo identified but have they been arrested? Is anyone in jail over this reprehensible incident? What role did the National Guard play in this? The mayor of DC activated the National Guard yet they were not deployed properly to prevent the violence? Why not?

When President Trump posted a video condemning the violence it was removed by Twitter. Why Jack? Then members of Congress and others condemned Trump and even blamed him for the violence. They said he should speak out and he has done so more than once condemning those who perpetuated the violent intrusion.

Now we are hearing threats from the leaders of both Chambers of Congress calling for the 25th Amendment removal of President Trump from office and even another impeachment so he can’t hold political office ever again. So fearful are they of a Trump run in 2024. I submit that it is they who should be impeached and removed from office, yet the Constitution they refuse to uphold confers the power of impeachment to the House and to no other body.

Congress refused to remove Section 230 from the 2021 appropriations bill overridden by Congress. It would have seriously curtailed the abuse of power by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. So now Twitter has banned President Trump’s official presidential Twitter account while he is in office. I kid you not.

So why is Senator Harris still a senator? Does the constitution not require her to resign her seat upon being elected to another office? And why does she and Biden both use the non-existent “offices” of president-elect and vice president-elect that are not in the constitution? Why must I even have to ask these questions?

You may think I’m being trivial or over-sensitive but I’m not. It is the nit-picky congressional politicians like Pelosi, Schumer and their like who make a mockery of the constitution by continuing their non-stop political coup. They have been so intent on stopping Trump at any and all cost that they have neglected their basic responsibility to do the people’s business. If you support this kind of Democratic politics by voting for the likes of these “top” lifetime politicians then shame on you! You’re as much responsible as they are in the dumbing down of America by not only lowering the bar, but dropping it on the FLOOR right on top of the Constitution and the American Flag! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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