He Who Laughs Last


He Who Laughs Last

If you’ve been following my blogs you know where I stand on Constitutional issues and the side of Freedom. You know how I feel about the president and the upcoming “peaceful” transition of power to an administration that tweaked the general election like a hacker in a Las Vegas casino who dragged a dufflebag of other people’s money right past house security.

There once was a man who formulated a plan to pit one side against the other. He began by coaching on how to use power to gain control. His formula was to pick a “target”. Next he would isolate and attack using whatever means available or invent more as he went along. He knew others would jump in to aid the target therefore making themselves secondary targets also open to attack. This man knew that the primary weapon of choice was ridicule, for which there was almost no defense. He figured a virtuous man could render no defense without compromising himself. Powerful weapons were deceitful lies and un-truths which would keep the target fully occupied trying to defend against much like a boxer caught on the ropes.

Many have caught on to these deceitful tactics but none studied them so intently or affectively until they could apply them until a young man proved to have mastered them well. He gathered followers and supporters which gained him money and power. He taught the secret of his success to others.

Soon this man like in the movie “Mr. Smith went to Washington” – he too went to D.C. and all the way to the White House where he continued organizing and gaining political power at an unheard of rate. When he left D.C. he took his power with him. Those he coached and left behind continued to use the tactics he had honed into a political playbook with 5 main points:

  1. Deny there is a problem.
  2. Refer to everything as peaceful and calm.
  3. When things go south (and they will) use the media to praise the law breakers.
  4. Once chaos overpowers order blame the “TARGET”.
  5. Use the media to condemn the “TARGET” and refuse any assistance offered.

*These are tried and true tactics that were successfully used over a long period of time against a high level government official by other high level government officials who swore to protect the Constitution and do the work of the people.

The rub is coming very soon as the Peter Principle goes into effect and along with it another principle that was applied first to an organization but readily applies to this nation – that it will not rise above the level of its leader. This is especially true when the leader has all the answers (the boss always wins) and casts aside those with better ideas or differing opinions. That’s when the real fight for control and power begins.

A smart leader is surrounded by subject matter experts with proven track records. He listens intently to sound advice and makes his decisions wisely. He is not afraid to make a decision to stand fast or move forward when he feels it is appropriate. He judges people instantaneously. When pressed from all sides he must instinctively know who his friends and his foes are.

This ruse worked so well because of the gullibility of the American people who were led so easily and didn’t even know it or those who did thought the cost was worth it. How many lives were lost, ruined or affected by irresponsible politicians because of the hatred that consumed them? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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