Big Money Politicians


Big Money Politicians

Something caught my eye this morning after checking my email and I vaguely remember online chatter about politicians wearing sponsor labels on their clothing so we know who bought them.

That sounds like a good idea and today we are seeing how those “sponsors” are rearing up their heads already denouncing the politicians they have already bought by declaring no more money to the ones who stood up to fight against the 2020 election fraud. What about the “sponsors” backing all 535 congressional seats on Capitol Hill? Maybe our elected officials, our public servants and our “We-are-the-people” should be required to wear brightly colored coveralls like NASCAR drivers with all their corporate sponsor patches in full view? I wonder how many of those sponsor signs would be in English or how many other languages we would see?

Over the past 4+ years we’ve heard allegations of collusion, corruption and congressional graft. I believe it was simply the icing on the political cake. If you slice through all that icing what would you find underneath?  Follow the money!

We’re used to politicians lying to get elected. So many are lawyers and attorneys who clawed their way up the political ladder, but now that they’ve made it to the biggest show on earth we are expected to believe them – “Trust Me” they say.

I’ve written before about Congressional Caucuses organized by politicians as political action committees and paid for by taxpayer dollars. I’m sure all members of congress are “encouraged” to join specific ones during their internship. Those who don’t fit in simply don’t run for re-election.

The same is true of corporate sponsors. Do they back the last horse in a race? Yes they do. They put their money where it will do them the most good – they bet on ALL THE HORSES!

We’ve seen how big tech has stifled the President of the United States without opposition by a single legislator or federal agency. Oh yes they mouth the words “I’m disgusted” or “That’s Outrageous” but do they put the full weight of the federal government to stop it? No they don’t! These tech giants have become household names with millions of people using their product and they no longer have to cater to their customer base. Instead they push their customers around with threats of “fact checkers say it false” and “do it again and you’ll be suspended” – PERMANENTLY!

So I find fault with those lifetime politicians who do as they please without adhering to the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution. Their only goal is power, power, power and more power! In the House it was Nancy Pelosi who said it out loud as a representative member addressing the President of the United States, “You don’t know the importance I BRING to this meeting,” she told him. She wasn’t bragging but shortly after the 2017 inauguration she said it as a threat.

Before the midterm elections in 2018 House members said they would never vote for her to become Speaker of the House again, but walla they did it again. Was it because of peer pressure, political party pressure or sponsor pressure? No honey – No money?

The legislators of the “welfare state” issue out crumbs (as she put it) in the form of $600 of our own money back to us while voting themselves a raise in salary that is vastly more than that. Some have even said “vote blue” and you’ll get the other $1,400 of your money. I’m sure they didn’t use those exact words. They wouldn’t would they? Would they? We’ll see – they’ve had a life time in politics to perfect the way they control people and yes it is money that makes the world go round. COVFEFE! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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