My Open Letter to Jack Dorsey


My Open Letter to Jack Dorsey (@jack; @Twitter),

Sir you don’t know me and I doubt you have paid attention to my tweets to you or to your Twitter staff so I’ll make this short. Little did you know or anticipate how many people would use Twitter as a main means of communication as a result of Donald Trump and his presidency.

I’m sorry to say that you have forgotten basic rules of business.

Create a product and they will come.

User feedback will drive the evolution of the product.

Customer service is paramount.

The Customer is always right.

It is always bad business to inject politics into a platform like Twitter. Had you and your staff remained politically neutral and just provided a service it would have been fine. It is not your place to suspend, block or remove anyone because their political opinion is different than yours or because you “think it might” stoke the fires of violence.

Where were you in 2020 when Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists used your platform and others to communicate, direct or shift or conceal their location because of nearby law enforcement? Where were you when businesses were burnt, government facilities firebombed and entire sections of Portland and Seattle, Denver and Detroit, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and many others were vandalized, people were attacked and killed while you said and did nothing?

I came to Twitter so that I could read for myself and listen to President Trump as he spoke to Americans about a better America. I listened and watched as media outlets and members of Congress posted, broadcast and podcast their libelous political slant on every word the President said. Why did you not stop the threats and calls for violence against him, his staff, his administration and his supporters LIKE ME, when legislators and media talking heads began spewing hate for more than 4 years?

There are more than 350M Americans alone and how many are using Twitter? How many have you chased away by your self-imposed censorship rules and even prevented President Trump from addressing the nation when it was critical that he do so?

Your disrespect for President Trump for the past 4 years was and is uncalled for, as is your distain for MEGA patriots who love this country more than you love your cash flow or bottom line. Please take me seriously because I will be posting this letter on social media and to my blog so my followers will know that Twitter is no longer a preferred platform for anyone seeking the truth or a fair deal when it comes to expressing a non-violent point of view or a personal opinion concerning tainted politics and politicians.

For America’s sake I hope you do a better job showing respect for President-Elect Biden not because he’s a Democrat, but because he will soon occupy the Office of the President of the United States!

A very dissatisfied customer!

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