The Healing Of America

An important part of the election process in the US addresses when suspected “irregularities” have occurred. We call it “contesting” the election results in states or precincts where the suspected problems have occurred. Often it may not overturn the popular vote, or as we’ve seen the Electoral College votes. It does provide a way for a candidate to challenge the results constitutionally. That’s a good thing and it should be the goal of every American to insure the election is conducted properly and in accordance with the Constitution.

What happened in the 2020 election were two things worth noting.

First it became obvious that not all precincts adhered to state election laws or federal guidelines. Some ballots were counted after the mandated deadline due to unconstitutional changes made by election officials or in some cases the judiciary. Some votes were cast by registered voters more than once. Other votes were cast by dead voters. Still other votes were cast by non-US citizens and non-registered Americans. Each of these offenses was a violation of state or federal statutes.

Second it is just as obvious that although violations occurred and when challenged by state legislators corrections were not done and violators did not receive criminal charges.

Now the contested election results have stood and the new president-elect and vice president-elect have been certified we are on the way counting down to the January 20th inauguration. What that means in real time is that Joe Biden can ditch his fake blue banner and prepare to assume the presidency and everything is A-Okay right?

Let us see how the nation is coming together and healing.

First, I must touch on the actions of the House of Representatives who created a rule that any Representative that contested the EC votes would be censured and removed from the chamber on January 6th.

Second, the January 6th attack on the nation’s Capital Building, an act of insurrection was blamed on President Trump even though it actually began while he was holding a MEGA rally near the Lincoln Memorial and before he concluded his speech which called for peaceable assembly so legislators could hear their voice as they counted and certified the EC votes. Thirdly, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi filed Articles of Impeachment on President Trump blaming him for the violence with barely a week until the end of his term. Fourthly, the Speaker also threatened any House member who circumvents the security station in order to enter the Capitol Building with a $5,000 fine. I wonder if that had anything to do with the freshman Colorado Representative.

Other hopeful news the Democratic legislature in Georgia has stripped members who contested the election from all committees.

Someone posted on social media that there will be Trump-supporter initiated violence in all 50 state capitols on January 20th and President Trump authorized the activating of National Guard troops in DC to protect the inauguration and federal buildings.

The implication of MEGA initiated violence is simply pinning Antifa or BLM led violence on non-violent MEGA supporters. I call that a smoke screen. There has never been an instance of MEGA initiated violence, although many instances of violence at MEGA supporters. Why have we had the past 12 months of anti-American domestic terrorism in cities across the nation in Democratic led cities where local politicians charged with protecting citizens and businesses from harm without so much as a calling out the violators or turning law enforcement loose to stop the violence? And why have I have heard nothing of anyone being arrested, prosecuted or imprisoned for election or voter fraud violations they committed.

I truly hope that President-Elect Joe Biden once he is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States will have better luck healing the nation and returning our lives back to normal (as before COVID-19). He has called for national unity and healing which our nation badly needs. I also hope and pray for Congress to rally behind him as he Makes America (??) Again – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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