America is Better Than That


America is Better Than That

Today we are at another crossroad in America. As I listened to President Trump’s departure speech at Joint Base Andrews today his optimism on the road ahead touched my spirit and the doom and gloom of the liberal media dissipated.

Let me be perfectly clear I do not like what politics, politicians and political parties have done to our country. We have endured and survived 45 presidencies in our nation’s history and I have lived through 10 of those presidencies, with still another about to be sworn in.

Am I sad that President Trump has left the White House for the last time as President? Yes and no. It is still my contention that God sent a warrior into the Executive Office for a reason and with a specific purpose. That is why it has not been Trumps purpose to satisfy the vanity of men or women, journalists or politicians, but the favor and approval of the one who sent him.

It is God who places kings and rulers and it is he who brings them down. Just as God chose a man who knew of him, but did not know him it was to bring glory and honor to Almighty God.

I make no bones about my distain for the Democratic Party and what it stands for: lying, deceit, cheating and back stabbing, but many of those involved in party leadership are lawyers so what do you expect? For that matter so is the team about to be sworn in – lawyers. Do I think God can do it again – Absolutely!

As Trump said in his departure speech – the road ahead for America is brighter than ever. I have to believe that so long as we serve, honor and worship the one true God, obey his precepts and use our words to build up and not tear down – America is better than any one man, political party or any idea concocted by either. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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