Never Let a Self-Created Crisis Go To Waste


Never Let a Self-Created Crisis Go To Waste

I guess you could call this the day after. Yesterday after a week of planning, gathering a military presence, putting up a wall to shut out Americans the Democrats had a party. Oh I know what you’re thinking – the Democratic is a Party. From the pictures on social media (so they must be true) they were dancing to the music of their favorite singers and carrying on as if they were in their favorite night clubs. Unlike the Lone Ranger they were mask-less. Not a face covering in sight. I imagine the National Guard troops who were allowed to stay were stationed on guard around the festivities in case those pesky patriots should attempt to cross the line. In the end it was just another “show of force” by democratic law makers to let everyone know who’s really in charge now. President Biden in his first day in office has signed at least 20 Executive Orders reversing much of what his predecessor has done to strengthen the nation’s economy and immigration security. I ask who’s minding the store, writing all those EO’s it’s surely not President Biden?

Had this been done in the same manner 4 years ago President Trump would have been condemned and blamed for the rioting that would have occurred without it? Oh wait this wasn’t done in 2017 and rioting did occur and many destroyed businesses have still not recovered from it or the virus and Trump was still blamed for the violence. It’s only fair to assume that everyone in that public square setting has contributed directly to spreading COVID-19 to everyone else that was there, right? So are we to blame President Biden for directly causing this massive breach of Coronavirus security? Way-to-Go-Sir!

Now that all three branches of government – Legislative – Executive – Judicial are all under Democratic control (yes you heard me correctly) are we to assume that everything’s going to be better in America because as the president-elect Biden said, “Help is on the way!” Well Sir – anytime the government says they are going to help you might as well just give it up because they will only make things worse.

For all my loyal followers who hated my blogs on Trump, you’re in for a real treat as I provide the same up-to-the-minute coverage of “Biden is my President too”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

(You asked for it!)


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