Putting Things Into Perspective


Putting Things Into Perspective

While life goes on in a back to a not so normal routine I’m reminded that Democrats have declared war on Americans since the time of the Civil War. When the Southern states succeeded from the Union they were exercising their rights under the Constitution. When war was declared by Congress President Lincoln sent Northern troops into the south to stop them. Once General Lee surrendered the fighting did not stop immediately and out of that war came the Ku Klux Klan to assault, murder and terrorize those who were not yet considered American citizens and their sympathizers. Do you not know that the first black elected legislators were Republicans? And it has been Republicans who have fought for justice and equal treatment under the law for Americans of all ethnic backgrounds.

What is surprising to me is that the Democratic Party was founded on those same principles and continues to operate as did the KKK. Was it not Democrats in Congress who created the Internal Revenue Service? Is not paying taxes a form of control? Did not the Democrats create Social Security as a form of retirement security when a citizen reaches an age where employment is no longer possible? It had to have been Democrats who came up with a mandatory retirement age to force us to leave the work force, cool our heels and play shuffleboard or throw darts after we reach the age when it’s okay for us to die? It was President Lyndon Johnson who devised a plan that would guarantee a certain segment of our society would vote Democrat for the next 50 years and it’s been working quite well don’t you think?

It is Democrats who call for unity and healing while ostracizing Americans who demonstrate pride in being Americans.  Oh I’m not talking about exercising any self-described right to riot, murder or intimidate after all those are tried and true Democratic traits.

During the Trump presidency Democrats made it a point to exact those same tactics on him, his family, his administration and his supporters (all fellow Americans) as a pure demonstration of power all the while saying this is a democracy. I have news for anyone who says that and hasn’t read or understood what is written in the Constitution. The United States of America is a Constitutional-Republic – with the Constitution as the basis for our Rule of Law that insures the same basic rights to every American.

It is the Democratic Party that has striven to remove those very rights of Americans in the Womb by declaring them as non-human tissue or entities with the decision resting on a mother and her “doctor” calling it a woman’s right to choose. That thinking is in direct opposition to the God who created everything. If you believe their lies you have been deceived.

President Trump called upon ALL Americans to come out from under the Democratic Party’s control saying, “What have you got to lose?” What happened were Democrats chastising and mocking anyone brave enough to leave the party of doom.

It was Trump who lobbied Congress to institute permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and it was he who signed it into law. It was Trump who lobbied Congress for the “First Step Act” that brought unfairly imprisoned men and women (many of them black) out of prison and given a second chance. Yet it was Democrats in Congress who pushed the false narrative that Trump was a racist. What is even worse it was normal average everyday Democrats like you who believed it.

So here we are one day after President Biden has taken office with a historical minority woman Kamala Harris as his Vice President. What have they done to lift up Americans? Continue to declare war on us? Call patriots domestic terrorists while ignoring Antifa & BLM (actual violent domestic terrorists) who continue to riot, “demonstrate” and commit acts of violence. Don’t go “harry chrisna” on us spouting peace and tranquility to everyone.

America is like a buggy pushing the horse downhill. I want another president with the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say “ENOUGH”. Stop the pretense of national unity and make a real effort to shed the symbols of control and put away those petty nuances. Stop being political party specific and ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN. Open up this nation and let us get back to work, back to normal while using common sense measures to combat flu’s, viruses’ and whatever comes down the road ahead.

As one Joe to another – let’s get this party started! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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