More on the Biden Administration


More on the Biden Administration

It seems that I hit a nerve when writing about the President of the United States and it doesn’t matter whether he’s a Democratic or a Republican. Quite often the truth hurts when it hits close to home.

My take on the current Biden-Harris Administration, simply put is not constitutional. That’s no matter when a political party is held to a different standard. When the president is sworn in, it becomes his administration. Like a marriage it is for better or for worse and only one person is to blame – the president.

Traditionally the vice president played an insignificant role and was rarely heard from. One vice president was sent on an official mission to Central America and was almost assassinated. It barely warranted a newspaper article when Vice President Richard Nixon’s party was fired upon by guerrillas. Had it been successful we would never have known of something called Watergate.

Some vice presidents are known for what they didn’t do, like Dan Quale couldn’t spell potato, and Al Gore didn’t invent the internet as some have reported. Other vice presidents become known for what they did, like Joe Biden’s globe-trotting to China where he stopped an official motorcade so he could have an ice cream cone. Another instance happened in the White House when he called Ukrainian officials to fire a special prosecutor or have a huge sum of foreign aid funds withheld. It would never have surfaced unless he hadn’t bragged about it in 2019 while being videotaped in front of a live audience.  

Why was this incident not investigated when it happened during the Obama Administration or in the days, months and years since? It’s odd that Biden ran for president about the same time the video surfaced, yet it didn’t dampen his political goal of landing in the Oval Office. The only ones who suffered from Biden’s arrogant action has been President Trump when he asked the newly elected Ukrainian president shortly after he took office.

The other has been Representative Marjorie Greene of Georgia who on January 21, 2021 filed Articles of Impeachment on President Joe Biden for his pay for play action and the backlash has been fierce.

Where are those articles now?

Oh I forgot Speaker Pelosi had Articles of Impeachment delivered to the Senate on Donald J. Trump falsely accusing him of instigating the Insurrection of the Capital Building on January 6th.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired while hearing the “blame game” Democrats in the Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer consolidated Administration. Is that not why the founding fathers devised a government with separation of powers, and only one chief executive called the “President of the United States”?

I’ll say what others have been saying for quite some time, if you want national unity with everyone holding hands and singing Kumbyaaaaaa, and let’s all just get along President Biden must sign an Executive Order, Presidential Action or Proclamation to OPEN UP AMERICA. Replace facemask wearing and social distancing with common sense safety measures that allow businesses to open back up and allow Americans to live life as God intended – normally! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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