The Fleecing of America Democratic-Style


The Fleecing of America Democratic-Style

I must apologize right off the bat because I sought to change the way I write after Biden became president. I wanted to highlight his governing style (or lack thereof) but some people feel that I’m nitpicking and not giving him a fair shake after all it is now just beginning his 11th day in office.

So let me address your concerns directly because you truly amaze me. You see what I write as an attack on your person. So if the shoe fits – wear it. I didn’t call anyone stupid.

I said I hate stupid people doing stupid things. So either you feel the same or you don’t, so what? You are defined by who you hang out with. It is impossible to sour with eagles when you congregate in the midst of turkeys and chickens.

Trump didn’t do anything to cause the insurrectionist act at the Capitol on January 6th or “on his way out” as you seem to feel. He did contest the election results (as he should have when he suspected something was rigged) it is a part of the election process.

On Jan 6th Antifa prepared to act in concert with the Trump rally, just like they did back in Minneapolis with the BLM movement. Were there Trump supporters in the Capitol building – yes because they were invited in and the damage had already been done but if you can’t see that – it’s on you.

HLS has begun cracking down on suspected domestic terrorist groups on the right, like the big bad folks of the Patriot Guard Riders who honor and stand “guard” over families at Veterans funerals, while Antifa is STILL BURNING PORTLAND AND SEATTLE. Does that make sense to you?

What I said about Biden as a bully is totally what he was in the Senate for more than 36 years. What you see today is a shell of the man he used to be, being manipulated most likely by Obama surrogates, to push through what Hillary was to have done had she won in 2016. The proof is in the pudding.

You say it’s laughable for Biden to send a bill to Congress? Yah right – it’s not constitutional and that’s my point.

It should be the job of every American to protect the constitution yet congress subverts it and Biden has been an active part in that. As president he still acts like he’s a member of in congress.

So everything is black and white? If you think Trump divided the country you’re wrong. If you think all conservatives are white supremists once again you are wrong. If you think whites rule and they are all about ridding the country of non-whites – you’d be even more wrong.

There are very committed racists groups in this country some are White, Black, Hispanic, Indian or Asian. They are nothing more than neighborhood gangs on steroids. Many members of those gangs bring their gangland skills over from their home country of origin. While others bring their street skills from big cities like Chicago, New York, LA and San Francisco or other large inner cities.

There is a big difference in defending and protecting the constitution from ALL enemies and using it as congressional toilet paper like some of the gangs in congress. Oh I’m sorry they call them Caucuses and are literally trying to tear down our system of government by their actions.

You keep asking what I stand for, but you only want discredit my answers.

I am a God fearing, patriotic American.

I am a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

I am a brother, cousin, nephew.

I am family.

I honor my country.

I respect others before myself.

I don’t have all the answers.

I do have many questions yet to be answered.

I believe the Constitution is to be obeyed as it is the law of the land.

I will stand up (Covfefe) beside law enforcement and our military brothers and sisters in arms.

I will act when others fail to.

I am a Veteran and always prepared for war.

Whether you live on the border or in the middle of the nation, immigration must follow the law to gain entry and to remain in this country. If the law is flawed (and it is) it is up to Congress to fix it. Why haven’t they?

You say it’s laughable for a president to create a bill on immigration and send it to congress. I say it is not only unconstitutional but it shows the mindset of a Senator who could have done that years ago and sent that bill to the president for signing into law. Why didn’t he

Yet it was horrible for Trump to tell congress to do a comprehensive immigration reform bill and he would sign it. They said he was a racist.

Trump said build a wall. Congress said it doesn’t work and it’s racist to try and it was a waste of money.

So Trump leaves office and congress builds a wall around the Capitol Building.

Then Biden defunds the money needed to finish the border wall and sends it overseas to fund abortions in foreign countries. Does that really make sense?

Only a legislator would think that signing more Executive Orders, Presidential Actions and Memorandums mandating more governmental control over the lives of people is acting “presidential”.

I call it insane and irresponsible.

The CDC under Biden has declared a mandate on facial coverings in public places and public transportation and non-compliance is now breaking a federal law? Give me a break.

Trump began removing government control from our lives and Biden will be the king of mandates by far. Biden’s czars like John Kerry and others who tell us to do as I say, not as I do could only come from a legislator who learned while in congress that all people are beneath him. Big brother knows best!

I have many who don’t like what I write. They say I’m authoritarian and feel that only I am right and everyone else is wrong. I say – bull hockey! I write because I want to carry the thought process through to a logical conclusion.

What I like about Trump is that before he takes that first step he has logically thought out consequences and affects and how to counter the unforeseen.  What I don’t like about Biden – he can’t!

To put it more succinctly – Trump is a builder who takes materials to create a masterpiece for others to enjoy.

Biden is a lawyer who manipulates fact and fiction to fit his desired outcome. In this case Americans are not his clients. When you put Biden-Harris together in the Executive Branch all you really have are two lawyers and two former senators trying to figure out how to look good while fleecing America.  I rest my case. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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