So Congress Wants to Reinstate Trump


So Congress Wants to Reinstate Trump

A friend told me yesterday that he heard Congress wants to bring back (reinstate) Trump as president so they can convict him and ban him from running again. It seems that Pelosi, Schumer and even Hillary have never gotten past the 2016 presidential election.

That is absurd and totally unconstitutional but has that stopped congressional democrats?

At first I thought if they could reinstate him as president, then he should be able to fire them, after all fair is far, right?

Then I thought why doesn’t Trump run for US Representative in Florida. Then when he wins he could become Speaker of the House and 3rd in line for the presidency should something happen to POTUS and VP. There would be so much in fighting in the House (more than even now) and the never-Trumpers would have to see him and listen to him EVERY DAY.

Another option is for Trump to run for US Senate from Florida where he could be Majority Leader and make Chuckie’s day – EVERY DAY.

And still a third option is for Trump to run for Governor of Florida with DeSantis running for President, and then drafting Trump as his VP.

These are all hypothetical but I can see why Pelosi & Company is so bent on stopping the Trump threat to their lifetime “careers” in congress.

We all know that none of these could ever happen – Right? I mean it is up to the people who cast the ballot or the guys “with the pencil” as my dearly departed daddy used to say.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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